Conscious Flow & Evolution

Conscious Flow & Evolution

The human form is a certain level of manifestation and experience of consciousness. Various types of souls/ entities at various times and through various eras have various experiences in various conscious densities. This planet is one type of conscious manifestation that offers a certain experience. There is nothing wrong with the experience but with the collective and individual distortions and interpretation of this experience, tangling with the experience, etc. 

Once consciousness flows freely, one does not tangle with the experience. Once the consciousness through individual manifestation starts dividing the reality and the experience and analysing and interpreting it, giving more importance to one aspect of the reality over the other – an imbalance within the manifestation is created. If there is an imbalance, consciousness itself will try to balance it. From this attempt, various experiences through various individual consciousnesses are born. These experiences are positive or negative only for each individual consciousness. For the Ultimate Being – reality, there is no division into positive or negative; in the individual consciousness and the collective conscious cluster, however, there is. 

For the Ultimate Being, there is no evolution but various conscious experiences in various densities of conscious manifestation. For an individual consciousness, there is an experience of change and movement, this type of experience is either called evolution or realization or liberation from experience, or devolution – plunging into the experience and diving into it. 

Consciousness binds itself through experience and also liberates from experience. As individual beings we tend to recollect, project and analyse or judge, thus we do not flow in the experience or through manifestation but continuously obstruct it, tangle within it, and other experiences of other beings, judge it and bind to it. It goes on until we realize this very fact and plunge into the natural mind (the flow of self-being). We perceive the natural equanimous neutral blissful being and through this, we see the reasons for all illusions, delusions, sufferings and inner tendencies that push us to evaluate the experience, cling and crave for it. This way we realize the illusion within the self and this process we call evolution. 

Yet everything that happens, happens within the space of self that vibrates and holds all the phenomena, names and forms of the existence and is the very essence of the self. There are various subtleties of evolution and self-refinement from the illusion that result in various subtleties of self-realisation and thus the density of the body or self-emanation or a form of spiritual radiation. 

Such knowledge is either self-born or remains a theory for those who have no experience of the natural being – natural mind – blissful emptiness. Everything (all phenomena) matters only to and from the perspective of an individual mind and the collective consciousness. When one realizes nothing is truly good or bad through the stillness of the natural mind, one goes beyond these notions and neutralizes. From here, the natural, true morale arises. Thus, one is truly non-violent, free from jealousy, possessiveness, natural, spontaneous, simple and free in expression; one has no questions and needs no answers, one is complete and content within the self and one realizes further the depths of subtler existences. 

Thus one is humble and is a permanent student of life who masters various forms and subtleties of being – manifestation within the self, and thus one flows as the reality, as the eternity and the immortal being through various subtleties of this manifestation, experiencing them and letting go or freeing the self from them.

 Is there any meaning to it? It simply is thus. This is the very vibration and the essence of the existence of Awareness -Being -Reality. 

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