How to Activate Self-Born Knowledge?

There are various forms of transmission, some transmit their emotions, some their intent and some their bookish knowledge. True transmission – Shaktipat – reconnects one with the Ultimate. True Siddhas do not transmit. They are the very walking temples and vortexes of the transmission without intention or emotions or limited knowledge. They are the reality and sources of self-born knowledge. Thus their transmission invokes self-born knowledge and transformation naturally, effortlessly within the other. They dwell in stillness and absorption yet fully awake to the multidimensional reality they manifest from the self. Life and them are inseparable and that’s why they embrace life rather than run away from it, yet untouched by life they are ever equanimous, spontaneous and free in expression. They stand beyond roles and a need to appear as anything or anyone special. They are a rare blessing. 

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