How to Activate Self-Born Knowledge?

What is self-born knowledge? To answer this question we need to first understand what true spiritual knowledge is. Spiritual knowledge is simply the natural and unobscured perception of our Unconditional Being. That Being is not perceived by anyone. We, as individuals, do not perceive Natural Being. Natural Being can only perceive itself, and when it does we realise that our perceptions and ideas of what we thought ourselves to be were just interpretations of the waves arising within that ocean of infinite indescribable Being.

Self-born knowledge is the knowledge of certain manifested elements, which has the self-knowing and perceiving Natural Being at its root. It is the knowledge of how Pure Being projects and emits itself into seemingly limited forms, appears to lose its knowledge of itself in such forms, and then once again returns to its native and wholesome apperception. Self-born knowledge is born when one perceives the appearance of the manifested creation not from the perspective of a limited, separate individual, but rather as the Being that is giving birth to and projecting that manifestation within itself at every moment.

We do not even need to be fully established in Natural Being to start accessing self-born knowledge. If we have made an initial re-connection with that Natural Being within ourselves, or we are connected with a master who is established in, and thus effortlessly transmits that Natural Being, then self-born knowledge will gradually begin to well up in us as we begin the process of seeing through the different prisms of illusion that our inherently free consciousness has been subjected itself to.

Thus, self-born knowledge opens up to us initially with the knowledge that comes from seeing through our perceptual limitations as our consciousness starts to deconstruct its structure of bondage-to- appearances. When our Natural Being truly frees itself from one projected aspect that it was entangled with, and thus projected its power into, then self-born knowledge will be born – the knowledge of how consciousness binds and tangles itself with that particular element. And thus self-born knowledge does not come about through learning anything new, but rather from unravelling a process that has already been completed – the evolutionary down-cycle. Thus, when the evolutionary up-cycle begins, the knowledge of how it seemingly lost and dispersed itself during the down-cycle is regained in the form of self-born knowledge.

Activation of self-born knowledge is nothing but the recognition and reconnection with our Natural Being. No form of spiritual knowledge stands outside of the experience of Natural Being. The more the experience of Natural Being begins to predominate over the fragmented and dispersed perception, the more self-born knowledge will naturally spring up as a result of Natural Being contemplating upon its projected forms wholesomely, rather than as an element that perceives itself as being separate and created trying to perceive something supposedly outside of itself.

As long as our experience of Natural Being expands, deepens, pierces and overwhelms the fragmented and obscure perception of dual appearances, self-born spiritual knowledge will continually blossom as a natural unfolding of consciousness’s power to create, project, obscure and illuminate and liberate itself. There is no real qualitative evolution, but only the play and freedom of consciousness.

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