Kundalini Awakening vs Drugs

Kundalini Awakening vs Drugs - What is True Kundalini Awakening?

How can sugar become natural honey? How can unnatural stimulation take the place of the natural being? The body can enjoy, the body ages and the body may perish, but the mind either remains in bondage or liberates itself. Craving is the very bondage of the mind, not the experience. Repetitive action is the very essence of addiction and bondage, not the experience. Thus, wise men return to their natural being – the fountain of true endless bliss, contentment, natural being and deep unconditional silence. 

This return to the self within the self is the very root of awakening, when the creative self turns within and enlightens the self, refines the self and liberates the self. Once it happens, there is nowhere to go, nowhere to be and nothing to become, there is a natural flow of existence, experience and being inseparable from each other and the enlightened immortal body as the fruit. How can this process be faked, stimulated or induced artificially? Like sugar will never become honey even after thousands of times of refinement, neither will spiritual practice, spiritual voluntary action, rituals, books, herbal drugs, and artificial stimulants become a source of liberation. 

Kundalini awakening is nothing but the discovery of one’s natural being – mind with its creative potential and conscious focus turned within. That is the result of the natural maturity and grace of one’s ripened mind that wishes to liberate itself from the bondage. 

Kundalini awakening is a detachment of the creative conscious power from the experience, yet it is never the denial of the experience. Once the mind realises the essence of one’s bondage it starts the process towards the liberation. This process is a natural refinement. 

How can it be practiced or stimulated? True bliss is like honey, it is the by-product of natural refinement and liberation of the mind. It is neither temporary nor it is forced. It is the very core and the essence of our being. Why would I be interested in destroying my flesh and causing insanity and havoc to my senses? In the name of spirituality, people delude others and make money on other’s ignorance. It happens only because others look for such experiences. 

Wise ones observe, refine and cultivate stillness and selflessness. There is no error in it since it does not lead to delusion, ambition and search. Where there is no ambition and search, there natural being reveals itself and all the transitory phenomena subside. Thus one realises, one is awakened. 

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