Kundalini Awakening vs Drugs

Kundalini Awakening vs Drugs - What is True Kundalini Awakening?

How can sugar become natural honey? How can unnatural stimulation through drugs take the place of the Natural Being? The body can enjoy, the body ages and the body may perish, but the mind either remains in bondage or liberates itself. Craving is the very bondage of the mind, not the experience. Repetitive action is the very essence of addiction and bondage, not the experience. Thus, wise men return to their Natural Being – the fountain of true endless bliss, contentment and deep unconditional silence. 

This return to the self within the self is the very root of awakening, when the creative self turns within and enlightens the self, refines the self and liberates the self. Once it happens, there is nowhere to go, nowhere to be and nothing to become, there is a natural flow of existence, experience and being inseparable from each other and the enlightened immortal body as the fruit. How can this process be faked, stimulated or induced artificially? 

Like sugar will never become honey even after thousands of times of refinement, neither will spiritual practice, spiritual voluntary action, rituals, books, herbs, drugs, and artificial stimulants become a source of liberation. 

When one uses drugs in the hope of inducing some kind of ‘awakening experience’, one may become a prey to entities and different dimensional forces that one may temporarily connect with through the drug-induced experience. 

Many who take such paths are often just looking for a new exciting or mystical experience. They find the idea of somehow transcending this reality and interacting with different strange subtle beings as an interesting and enlightening prospect. It is a temptation to temporarily experience something beyond the mundane and to escape from a life that is already fractured, disconnected and empty of the nourishment of the natural, content and simple Being. 

When one is disconnected from that Being, and one seeks fulfillment through limited conditional means, then one will only continue to tangle oneself a vast net of illusory complex perceptions. And rather than being a truly transcendental and spiritual moment, the drug induced peak experience, whether supposedly ‘spiritual’ or not, actually serves to be the apogee of the immersion into that illusion. 

Just because something seems somehow different and more mystical than the day-to-day earthly life, does not mean that it is truly spiritual. It is just a different kind of conditional limited experience. 

In Siddha Tradition, the experience of otherworldly and different subtler dimensional phenomena is something that gradually unfolds under the direct guidance of one’s teacher as one naturally refines and deepens in one’s establishment in Natural Being. One already needs to have a certain level of discernment and detachment from arising conditional perceptions in order to not get sucked into a world of subtler forms, that may seem to promise more pleasure, knowledge and power. 

It is this natural discernment and detachment that guards one against energetically predatory subtle forces. When one is whole within oneself then one is not looking for any special experiences or any supernatural bestowals of spiritual or worldly power. 

One evolves spiritually not because one wants to develop in a certain preconceived imagined way, or because wants to be a ‘spiritual master’ or a ‘yogi’. One evolve spiritually naturally when one is pure within, when one is not searching for anything, but rather deepening in the effortless experience of inner silence and equanimous unconditional Being. 

The physical body also has to be gradually transformed and tuned to contain certain physical experiences, that otherwise, if provoked unnaturally through drugs, would just drain body, and specifically the liver. When one cultivates self naturally through daily life one is given the chance to integrate one’s experience with one’s mundane daily experience. The ordinary situations and circumstances of daily life, such as working, having relationships and trying to live responsibly overall — these are the things that create the arena for true spiritual development and integration. Because no matter what you experience in any kind of meditative state, one always has to come back and put one’s feet back on the ground. 

Overwhelming one’s system with drug induced spiritual experiences may often lead to a disintegration and a desire to escape from ordinary life. This is because one cannot relate and integrate one’s spiritual experience with the mundane, sometimes banal, reality. One creates an overblown image of spiritual life and continues to chase the feeling of freedom that was there when one’s system was both spiritually excited and mentally subdued by the drugs. Those who go down this road may end up being disconnected in life, constantly attracted towards spiritually escapist lifestyles, cults or even living in a mental hospital as they come to live more in the subtle world that they opened the door to, and in where they may be plagued by whatever forces in that realm want to use them as energetic food and as a vehicle to hook up to other eager yet spiritually naive beings. 

Real kundalini, or conscious awakening is nothing but the discovery of one’s Natural Being — Mind, with its creative potential and conscious focus turned within. That is the result of the natural maturity and grace of one’s ripened mind that wishes to liberate itself from the bondage. 

Naturally awakening occurs when there is a detachment of the creative conscious power from the experience, yet it is never the denial of the experience. Once the mind realises the essence of one’s bondage it starts the process towards the liberation. This process is a natural refinement. 

How can it be practiced or stimulated? True bliss is like honey, it is the by-product of natural refinement and liberation of the mind. It is neither temporary nor it is forced. It is the very core and the essence of our Being. Why would one be interested in destroying their flesh and causing insanity and havoc to their senses? In the name of spirituality, people delude others and make money on other’s ignorance. It happens only because others look for such experiences. 

Wise ones observe, refine and cultivate stillness and selflessness. There is no error in it since it does not lead to delusion, ambition and search. Where there is no ambition and search, there Natural Being reveals itself and all the transitory phenomena subside. Thus one realises, one is awakened, and no longer needs any spiritual crutch or false cataluyst that only serves to drain, confuse delude one further. 

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