Light Body Activation & Immortality

Through awakening into deep gross and subtle refinement, through stillness and absorption we activate the subtle light essence and refine it through the connection with the Ultimate Being. This Being nourishes the subtle body and gradually through the refinement process enlightens it. This phenomenon causes profound yet gradual bodily transformation. Hormonal and metabolic changes result in rejuvenation of tissues, organs and systems. 

The more one goes into the process of unbecoming, and the more one cultivates selflessness and an equanimous perception of the reality, the more one matures one’s spiritual individual essence and the light body becomes mature and autonomous. The physical body stops to age and rejuvenates and may live long. Yet, only with the maturity of the subtle body, one’s being can live as if in two modes, switching from gross to the subtle. This way the body may appear as gross but has qualities of the subtle; it may be light, levitate and pass through physical barriers. Siddhis of such kinds are not separate from the maturity of the subtle body. Yet, many people employ entities to mimic such abilities and mesmerise ignorant crowds. There’s a big difference between truly accomplished Siddha yogis and fakirs.

The Light Body can be activated but it doesn’t guarantee accomplishment. Mostly, the accomplishment is possible by the grace of inner purity and Siddha Param-Para, and as a result of one’s natural evolutionary experience. 

Light Body activation means the same as conscious or Kundalini awakening or Kundalini activation, when the mind turns back to itself and realises it’s pure flow and essence. At this day and age, the process of true awakening, refinement and accomplishment is very difficult and still very rare. This science is practically known by a few only. And gross emotional impurities veils and distortions, concepts and dogmas remain primary obstacles in the process of awakening and self-refinement. Most of the people wouldn’t be able to accomplish this process in one lifetime.

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