Meditation: Being vs Practice?

Meditation: Being vs Practice

True meditation arises from the being, when one discovers the natural mind – being within the self. True Initiation is for that purpose; to let the other experience true effortless meditation, Yoga, samadhi and equanimity.

With time and refinement, the depth and length of the natural meditation prolongs and it starts permeating all the areas of one’s life. Meditation is not a practice and can never be. Either one is meditation or one is not yet. All the other voluntary forceful efforts are there due to the lack of awareness about true spirituality and evolution. When one discovers by chance and grace the actual equanimity of one’s being, one stops looking for any spiritual boost from the outside. Then one dwells in inner contentment, cultivating inner simplicity, selflessness and silence. Most of the things people practice blow up their egos and make them think they are special. Yet, the refinement element is missing.

One steps on a true path (within) only by the grace of inner maturity and selflessness, and not otherwise. Guided practices are not complete spiritual transmissions, rather they are the transmissions of those people’s limited consciousness. Such practices, however, similar to TV and music listening, have a hypnotic effect on people, when the mind falls into passivity and partial unawareness.  Such a state without awareness can be quite dangerous and can in some cases lead to possession/ hallucination if the channel of such transmission is impure or in contact with any occult practices, as most of the current so-called gurus are.  

True Kundalini awakening is about the expansion of awareness and awakening to the equanimous self-being first. From there the actual journey within begins. One’s experience expands and one’s body transforms.

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