Power of Emotional & Thought Waves

Power of Emotional & Thought Waves

Music, CDs, and other types of information carry waves. These waves are reflections of those people who emit them and introduce them. If you are welcoming certain waves then they affect you. Even if you do not, but you resonate in a similar way internally, you may welcome unwanted waves from the collective being. 

This being is all the waves, thought and emotional forms of the current earthly collective existence. If we connect to something whether positive or negative, it means that we are resonating with it or have to learn through realising it. True awakening is just as rare of an opportunity as finding a diamond in the sand. Once inner sincerity, purity and genuine spiritual maturity lead one within and when one’s consciousness turns within, it awakes and realises the root. Once the root is known, all the rest is seen as transitory. And it initiates the process of self-refinement. This process is tedious and makes the majority fail on and on in their attempts. But some make it and illuminate their being and realise Immortality. This illumination is beyond the earthly understanding of light. The true light is not known because it is invisible, it is radiation beyond normal comprehension. 

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