Power of Spiritual Presence & Transmission

Power of Spiritual Presence & Transmission

Transmission means one is pulled into the space of the enlightened consciousness by mutual connection – through awareness. The meeting of the Guru and the student is just an appearance – in the space of the self, there is no separation. It is just like a throb of being awakened to the self. That is why the final realisation is of no Guru and no student, but the ever-flowing and empty Being. Transmission can be also verbal but the actual transmission is behind and beyond the words. 

Actual Shaktipat Transmission is the constantly pouring grace or the flow of the Ultimate Being to the manifested self. If the channel is clear – one perceives it, if the channel is aware – one perceives it, if the channel is polluted and full of concepts, emotions, and ideas – the Transmission is still there, yet is fruit is seen later on, once a load of concepts and ideas, emotions and thoughts are consciously or forcefully let go off and when the vessel is eventually clear – the grace is perceived. That is why the body or karma is to be refined through awakening. Awakening means the opening to grace through inner maturity and the process of letting go of the gross impediments in consciousness. Enlightenment is when one’s being becomes the constant Shaktipat by the inner purity and the unobstructed flow of the Being in the body. Such presence enlightens and uplifts effortlessly.

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