Shaktipat – Myths & Reality

Shaktipat - Myth & Reality

Fools believe they receive true Shaktipat from the sick, decaying and dying beings who speak wisely yet whose consciousness is neither fully awakened nor refined. Such unrefined beings lost in their spiritual delusion, magicians and spiritual charlatans mesmerise people with the names ‘Shaktipat’, ‘spiritual’ and ‘kundalini awakening’, behind which nothing stands. 

Such beings employ lower tantra methods of attraction and spiritual delusion, sweet talks, bookish knowledge and psychological/occult manipulation. Look at their presence and body which is the fruit of consciousness, perceive their words, and you’ll find neither transmission nor immortality. True Shaktipat isn’t to be searched for. It manifests in due time.

As long as we believe that there is something to receive, that we have to go somewhere to get something, we will continue to be drawn around the winding roads of half-baked false spirituality. To truly receive something, we have to have already it within us in a seed form. The idea that ‘this is what I want to receive’ implies that we already have some knowledge about what we want, that we have done some groundwork and have come to an understanding of what we need to progress further. 

One of the biggest problems that is alive in the spirituality of today lies in a giant confusion in understanding and definition. Everybody wants ‘shaktipat’ and ‘kundalini awakening’, yet nobody knows what these things really mean. If I want an apple, but all I know about apples is that they are some kind of green round object, then surely I will be tricked when someone passes me a green round stone that I bite into and break my teeth on. The same thing applies with spirituality. We go in search of abstract experiences that we hear about through books and hearsay, we poke about in the darkness and end up being conned and led down false paths by wolves who know no nothing other than how to take people for a ride. 

When we set out on the spiritual path or a journey of healing and enlightenment, we should never search for experiences or ideas. Rather we should stand where our feet are right now and see what is there to be done in this moment. 

If we can accept, even intellectually, that the essence of life and reality is inherently whole, unchanging and unconditionally blissful, then we should investigate what it is within our awareness that obscures this perception from us. We should not think that ‘so and so Yogi experienced a moment of blissful oneness with everything. What do I need to get or do to experience the same thing?’ We should ask what it is within our experience RIGHT NOW that is not allowing us to feel whole, connected, free in expression and effortlessly content within ourselves. 

It doesn’t matter how many pilgrimages we go on, how many so-called ‘masters’ we meet, how many initiations or mantras we receive, when we fail to reach the goal of unconditional blissful contentment and free-flowing natural living, we will always be brought back to same point of our own awareness and its obscurations in every moment. By losing this awareness, that is sometimes painful to stick with, we project our power outside and start dreaming. When the dreams end we are left with the emptiness and unfulfillment of our own unrefined experience. 

If we are able to acknowledge to ourselves what our issues are, and at the same time we are able to detect within our awareness a  stillness and freedom that exist beyond conditions of the limited mind, then we have something to work with, we have a certain platform with which to view any advertised view of what the spiritual path is claimed to be and the people who claim to offer such paths.

By maintaining an attitude of radical honesty towards ourselves and through the process of gradually purifying our own awareness, we come closer to understanding what Shaktipat is naturally. When we understand what Shaktipat is naturally through our own conscious awareness then we become that continuous Shaktipat. 

Shaktipat is simply that pure, unbound, eternal and beyond-limitations awareness-space, that through the honesty and sincerity of one’s own efforts and the connection with a refined and evolved being, gradually blooms within one’s space as a flow of transmission, bliss and self-born knowledge. It cannot simply be gotten. It can be perceived and merged with over time through one’s own conscious purity and effort in refining the obscured and fragmented self. 



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