Spiritual Awakening & Activation

Spiritual Awakening & Activation

True awakening or activation occurs when one’s consciousness turns within and the entire body is able to reconnect with the root – the Ultimate Being. This reconnection brings instant Yoga, the experience of samadhi, enlightens the subtle body, and through the gradual refinement through this connection, one is able to enlighten the physical too, realise the essence of existence, free self from emotional and other karmic baggage and continue one’s evolution further in a subtler form. One is able to realise what the true exit from this illusion is, and thus one is able to culminate the unconscious existence in the body. The awakening is always to the same Being of Self, but the path is always individual and always within. 

Awakening happens when one is able to turn the conscious power within and realise the way one creates and manifests everything from within the self.  Rather than being an end in of itself, awakening is actually the first step on the real spiritual path. Awakening is not an achievement but rather an opportunity to begin the process of deepening one’s perception of reality and refining oneself further on a multidimensional level.

When one awakens, one acquires the key to the door of spiritual evolution and bio-spiritual transformation. After awakening, one is to learn how to use the awakened state to uncover and refine the subtle impressions within one’s individual consciousness. The work of refinement is not experienced as a big bang or an instant realisation, but rather as a slow and tedious process of coming in and out of the awakened state to discover and refine the subtle impressions and then dissolve them in the space of one’s Unconditional Being. 

At the beginning, it is natural that one may seem to come in and out of an awakened state. At one moment, one may feel expanded, blissful and connected with everything, and at another moment one may feel contracted, fearful and engulfed in the drama of life events. The point is to observe the tendencies within self that do not allow that awakened state to become a moment-to-moment, flowing and integrated way of being.  

Awakening does not guarantee enlightenment. In order to further progress and expand after awakening, one is not to see awakening as an achievement or a final state, but only as tool to begin the work of enlightening the multidimensional self. This means that one must begin to contemplate the manifested gross/emotional/mental reality deeper from the awakened state in order to see the subtle karmic distortions which have given rise to the manifested (in this particular reality) experience in the first place. 

One must go from the state of living in an ordinary individual emotional consciousness which occasionally glimpses the awakened aware state, to being that very awakened aware state which refines the individual emotional consciousness that arises inside of it. This is the point at which the refinement process really begins, and this is the true initial practice that is the fruit of awakening on the path of Siddha Kundalini Yoga. 

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