Transmission of a Siddha Master

Transmission of a Siddha Master - Who is a True Siddha Master?

The True Siddha master is a selfless ocean of grace. Like the Sun emanating warmth he/she enlightens effortlessly in silence. Even those who hide from him/her in the shadow or don’t notice him/her in a rush receive transformative blessings through his/her conscious space of awareness. Such a being is free through deep inner integration, dwells in blissful emptiness, without tags, expressive like a child and still like a sage. With all inner and outer actions flowing directly from the Being, he/she is the true emanation of the only true reality of Now.

Everyone transmits. We transmit emotions, thoughts and ideas through different means of art, music, dance, conversation, sexual interaction and many other ordinary and artistic modalities of expression. Yet a True Siddha Master is a walking vortex of pure transmission that reconnects us with the Ultimate Self  the source of Reality  Pure Awareness. Such a Master is a constant dispeller of ignorance and a reminder of Pure Awareness and the living equanimity.

The transmission of a Siddha Master, rather than being a transmission of something specific, is the very embodied transmission of the Unconditional Being. It is that Being itself that radiates through the enlightened physical form of the Siddha Master and gradually transforms and illuminates all those who are around him/her.

The transmission of a Siddha Master always touches one in exactly the way that one needs to be touched at that specific time and place. Whatever we are unable through our unconscious veils to perceive within ourselves,  the power of the Master’s transmission will push up and highlight everything within one that prevents one from being  aligned integrated and unified with the very source and essence of that transmission.

One should not search for a Siddha Master in order to get an energetic buzz or receive a specific pre-imagined or researched teaching or initiation. One must come into the presence of a Siddha Master with the sincere intention of using their radiant presence to draw out of oneself all that which has been buried and obfuscated, all that which has reified into the stagnant veiling layers of mental/emotional complexity. 

The presence of a True Siddha Master is like a knife that cuts through hypocrisy, complexity and illusion within the self and reveals to one the inherent luminous self-sustaining nature of The Self, as well as the veiling layers of illusory thought-forms that arise from the karmic impressions that exist in one’s individual consciousness. 

The presence and transmission of a Siddha Master is always the same and always different. It is like the path itself which shifts every moment as one changes and evolves further, but yet, in its essence is always the same. 

The Sun always shines the same way, yet sometimes one perceives it differently if it is veiled by clouds or one so chooses to shield or protect one’s eyes from it. Likewise the presence of the Siddha Master is unavoidable. Yet it is one’s own choice in how one wishes to expose oneself to it and become open to the illuminating, unravelling and transformative influence of its rays. 

The transmission of a Siddha Master is the real key to the path of Siddha Kundalini Yoga. Without the Siddha Master there is no Siddha Yoga. Transmission need not even be received through a touch or a look, but rather what is necessary is to come into the active enlightened consciousness of a Siddha Master and stay there.  

Transmission is not an outward dazzling moment.  It is a persistent and powerful yet subtle evolutionary influence which pushes one to consistently refine, integrate and transcend further through the multidimensional evolutionary path of Siddha Kundalini Yoga.

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