Unity of Sexuality & Spirituality

Unity of Sexuality & Spirituality - Kundalini Awakening and Sex

Sexuality and spirituality are inseparable. Not by the delusion of a limited mind but by the vastness of one being flowing unobstructed through various expressions of the self. How can anyone say it’s this or that when it simply is?

But what is sexuality? Sexuality is not just the physical act of copulation or the romantic physical interaction between two beings; this is only a fragment of sexuality. Rather, sexuality is the full flow of one’s individual emanation and expression in all forms. Sexuality is the way one communicates and projects themselves in life. So, can sexuality ever be separate from spirituality? 

A corrupt and distorted spirituality leads to a corrupt and distorted sexuality. When one is severed from one’s own natural being and one simply roams in a haze of victimised projections and self-created illusions, one’s sexuality and one’s expression is distorted – it doesn’t flow naturally. 

When one’s sexuality is distorted then one will not be able to live at ease and flow in life. One’s expression will be stilted by blocks in one’s emotional body. There will be a constant need to protect, or to prove or to be something other than just one’s own natural self. Instead of speaking and acting straight from one’s being, the expression will move through several filters used to manipulate the way one appears to others and even oneself. 

One’s sexuality is simply how the light of one’s natural being shines through one’s own individual active being which appears in the world. When one is connected to one’s being then one simply is how one is. One acts spontaneously from one moment to the next without filter, censor or concern for how one may be perceived by others. 

A natural sexuality, resulting from the active connection with one’s natural being, results in freedom and openness of expression in both emotional self-expression and physical sexual intimacy. The more free and open one becomes in their emotional expression and communication, the more one’s expression becomes spiritualised; whether it is a harsh word, a song, dance or a kiss, it begins to transmit the essence of the being through the action because the filter is open through which it can flow. 

In order to see the link between sexuality and spirituality, one must translate one’s spiritual practice of emotional refinement and stillness of mind into daily life and communication with others. One is to practice being fully present in relationship and interaction by speaking and acting straight from the heart, from one’s real core that is discovered through cutting through the emotional and mental veils during the refinement process. This is the bridge that connects two things that are never really separate. When one allows one’s spiritual practice and realisation to seep into every corner of one’s being, one will clearly perceive the unity of sexuality and spirituality.

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