What is True Wealth & Abundance?

What is True Wealth & Abundance? How to Become Rich?

Outer wealth is produced from inner wealth. This means that outer poverty, or ‘being poor’ is in fact caused by inner poverty, or the qualitative feeling of lack within self. When we start the real spiritual journey and begin to integrate within ourselves the experiential spiritual principles of contentment, stillness, honesty to self and freedom of expression, then we will find that we always have enough. 

Money or wealth is nothing more than a flow of energy. That is why the word ‘currency’ actually comes from ‘current’, or ‘currens‘ in Latin. As individual beings we are constantly involved in energy exchanges with everything and everyone around us. Many of us go to work each day and expend a significant amount of physical and mental energy, and in return we are paid money. After, we go and buy food with that money to fuel the body to get up and do it all again. Essentially our whole life is just a continuous energy exchange. Somewhere we lose energy, and somewhere we in turn gain it back. But each of us differ in the way we manage or navigate that flow. 

The way we navigate or manage the flow of energy determines whether we continuously find ourselves in a state of lack or a state of abundance. The state of being poor or in poverty comes from a misalignment in the flow of energy. Somewhere there is a blockage in the flow of energy. If the energy is not flowing out smoothly, then it cannot turn around and flow back. 

If we think too much about earning money, or we constantly worry about money and try to gather and hoard it, then we are essentially withholding and stunting the natural flow of energy. Out of a general feeling of lack and a fear of loss we hold that currency, and therefore the natural flow of energy, to ourselves alone. 

The mentality of lack is not just a mental attitude. It is experienced in the body through a tightness and constriction in the lower areas – the anus, pelvis and solar plexus. Even if one simulates the feeling of not being able to let go of money, then one can actually perceive the body tighten and draw itself inwards. The experience of financial tightness is actually skin deep. 

Instead of creating and manifesting wealth, the constant fearful need to withhold and preserve wealth actually creates poverty. If the effect is not immediate on a material level, then it certainly is on an internal emotional/mental level. How can we expect to receive if we are unable to give? True wealth is born through giving and offering something of value. 

Let’s say, we create something of intellectual value – a book. Within this book we offer a huge wealth of knowledge. The writer’s uninhibited flow of energy is palpable, both in gathering the necessary experience and information to write the book, and then in producing the book itself. On that intellectual level we push our wealth out into the world, and by doing that we create an opportunity for wealth to pour back in. When we offer the book to others we enter into an exchange of knowledge. In return, that energy may come back to us in different forms. We may sell the books and get paid. Or if we choose to offer it for free or submit it to some kind of academic or artistic journal, we may receive notes of comment, gratitude or criticism. We put ourselves out there and enter into an exchange with the world. In accordance with what we put out, we receive back. 

The difference between those who are truly rich and those truly poor is that the rich constantly generate wealth freely in one form or another. The wealthy create portals of value through which money can flow back in. On the other hand, the poor do not focus on creating anything of value. They simply try and drag wealth in one of its most rudimentary forms, money or possessions, to themselves whilst giving back as little as possible. 

If we want to be rich, or we want to bring ourselves out of poverty, then we should broaden our concept of what wealth is. If we don’t earn much money right now, then in our free time we should start earning intellectually or spiritually. We should focus on generating wealth in one form or another and then offer that wealth back out into the world with a pure attitude of selfless sharing. If we do this then we will never be poor.

2 thoughts on “What is True Wealth & Abundance?”

  1. I’m not in any disagreement ,this is all insightful and true but seems to leave out how many people make money for say writing “bad” books or really unethical destructive movies,separatist religions which almost all are.I think Jesus said you cannot serve both god and mammon which is true to me but words lost to the masses.In these dark times of widespread greed I think only one very close to mastery cannot be “bought” If given enough money almost all will do something they know is unethical.It also doesn’t take into account some of the richest .0000001% who control so many minds and destroy so much of this Earth’s natural resources by controlling them and governments using carefully placed “bribes”and old money and monopoly’s to keep so many poor people from education and opportunity.
    “They” say money is the root of all evil which is close to the truth but it is not the root.Money is a often misused tool like television which when one controls oneself in proper manner can bring you the greatest teachings the internet has to offer.When censored and used as a propaganda machine to make money with only a profit margin or worse as the controllers agenda a tv can be seen as evil.

    Your teachings especially those in your book book SIDDHA PARAM-PARA & those found in these blogs are “money”as I used to say in slang conversations.
    Money like when you find a sand dollar or a special seashell or better description would be, a golden teaching not like that of the pricefull metal but as the sunlight is golden.Every page you write contains a “wealth of information” and can become priceless when one “takes to heart” for lack of better words.Not so much this particular blog but your book and transmissions I have found to be true treasures beyond measure.Gifts that will last more than lifetimes,Eternal truths that time cannot steal.

    1. Siddha Kundalini Yoga

      Thanks for your comment, James. Everything you say is correct. Yet, it is not the money itself which is the issue. It is the way the money comes. Two individuals may have the same net worth, yet the way that money has come to them and the way it flows through them may differ tremendously.

      One may also take another root to wealth acquisition whereby one actually sacrifices all that is truly spiritual and whole within oneself for the cause of gaining wealth and power – ‘selling your soul to the devil.’ This is just another route to earning money.

      We are talking here about material abundance as a result of real inner wealth. Material abundance and outer wealth that arises from true inner contentment and a free and natural flow in life will never be of a binding nature and will be always given as freely as it is received.

      Everything in this world is ultimately neutral. It is only a question of context and from where the myriad objects that make up our lives really manifest. From contentment or discontentment; from ease or disease; from ignorance or true knowledge?


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