Body Alchemy: Is The Body Solid & Stable?

Body Alchemy: Is The Body Solid & Stable?

We tend to think of the body as a solid, stable, static object. But the body is always fluid. The more we refine and purify our consciousness, the subtler our perception of the body becomes.

Everything is made from the same thing. Everything is a piece of one fabric of one consciousness. Yet within this consciousness, there exist different subtleties and densities. The body exists in consciousness at a certain density level. The goal of spiritual practice is first to learn to perceive consciously from subtler, less dense levels of consciousness, and then to use that perception to refine and transform the gross levels of consciousness – the body.

The body is just the product of deeper and subtler layers of our individual and collective being. When something shifts or transforms one of these deeper layers, the body also alters.

Thus, true healing occurs when a shift on a subtler level is echoed into the body. Because every occurrence within our body is already an echo of certain subtle information. Thus the body is a non-stable product of fluctuations within the mind and then pre-mind levels of our awareness.

The more we refine the subtle layers of our beings, the more flexible, alterable and transparent the body becomes. When we come to live and perceive life from these deeper levels, we are able to alter the appearance of the body at will, as at that point we have our hands on the key, the control panel of all manifestation.

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