Emotional Refinement & Conscious Flow

Emotional Refinement & Conscious Flow

Kundalini Awakening or Conscious awakening is not for resolving problems butĀ for turning your awareness inwards and making you realise the root causes of the problems, interpretations and self-created suffering within. It pushes one to realise that there is no suffering or happiness. Instead, there is a constant (neutral) flow of life, blissful awareness, and equanimous being. Our individual consciousness tags the experience, rather than flows in the experience without entanglement. Through the root of one’s being one realises all that which is temporary and transitory, and the perception refines. Once it refines, one flows.

The usual issues are victimisation, self-pity, a self-created illusion of happiness and self-punishment programs. When we want to be happy, we are to face all that which does not allow us to be happy, for example, the misery of the transitory self-created illusionary self. Do not long for happiness nor try to resolve suffering. Dive in it, and see how you create it all within the self. This is the path out of duality into multidimensionality and transcendence.

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