Essence of Shaktipat and True Discipleship

Essence of Shaktipat & True Discipleship

Through Shaktipat, in the space of the self, the Guru and disciples meet and they are the One. And only through this realisation the true self-born knowledge is initiated and unfolds. There is no other way. Because the true path of spirituality is the path of union and not separation between this and that element.

There is no power aspect between a True Guru and a true disciple. Because the Guru chooses always that disciple which is able to tap into the essence of the reality and share the same space. That’s why true discipleship is never about power or teaching or learning. It’s all about transmission and sharing of the same space. And this is the essence of any true teaching and the essence of the Siddha Kundalini Yoga path or Guru/disciple relationship.

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