How Do I Become a Siddha Adept?

How Do I Become a Siddha Adept?

A Siddha Adept is a being who, usually under the guidance of a Siddha Master, is engaged in the processes of absorption, refinement and integration – Siddha Kundalini Yoga.

One comes to the point of being a Siddha Adept through a longing that pushes one beyond the world of ordinary and illusionary appearances. When the being is ripe they awaken by themselves or through the grace of a Siddha Master. However, awakening is only the beginning of the path. The Siddha Adept is then formed gradually through many years of deep inner emotional and mental refinement, physical purification and spiritual absorption into the Absolute.

Through initiation, an aperture is opened within centre of the individual’s being. This aperture is the experience of Self and is the opening through which they must eventually absorb. The Siddha Adept is a being who has been opened to themselves. They are then engaged in the prolonged and dedicated work of complete multidimensional refinement, which leads to the stilling and equalising of all manifest waves within their individual consciousness.

Through deep refinement and the cultivation of inner stillness and neutrality the Siddha Adept builds and strengthens their light body. Through the process of growing the light body and integrating it into daily life, the Siddha Adept transits from Adepthood to Siddhahood.

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