How To Find a True Siddha Master?

How To Find a True Siddha Master

Seek the ultimate being without tags and projections and you’ll come across a True Siddha Master – a natural walking emanation of that being you are longing for. Such a Master with one glance will invoke the knowledge and equanimous being so that your delusions dissolve in the space of the ultimate grace-being-reality-awareness.

In order to find a True Siddha Master, one must first start moving towards the space of Siddha. This does not mean that one runs around exotic countries looking for a certain bearded man that supposedly could be declared a Siddha.

When one knows what Siddha really is then one shall find it, either in the form of the equanimous space of blissful being within oneself, or in the presence of a living Siddha Master. The problem is that most of the people do not know what they are looking for in the first place. Most already come with preconceived ideas of spirituality; they know what a Master should look like, and how enlightenment or awakening is supposed to feel. As long as one maintains such limited ideas that are simply based on hearsay and imagination, then one does not get any closer to finding a True Siddha Master.

The meeting with a Siddha Master is always right, and it always come at the correct time to the correct being. In order to manifest the appearance of a Siddha Master in our lives, we must first begin connecting to the Siddha Realm. However, the Siddha Realm is of a completely different vibration to the current earthly collective vibration that most of the beings are immersed in. Therefore, one must first work on refining and purifying oneself consciously in order to prepare for meeting a Siddha Master.

Connecting to the Siddha Realm does not involve trekking to the Himalayas in search of some Shangri-La or El Dorado, rather one connects to the Siddha Realm by cultivating purity, simplicity and selflessness within oneself. This is how one becomes eligible and this how one evolves through the realms of this reality. It may look like one lives in one and the same physical reality for a lifetime, but in fact on a subtle level everyone also belongs to a certain realm of subtle reality, that is only merely reflected into the outer material life circumstances.

By concentrating on refining the subtle aspect of oneself, which basically comprises of one’s non-physical body of emotions, thoughts and subtle karmic impressions that manifest through emotions and thoughts, then one begins to purifying and evolve in one’s subtle essence. This way one becomes able to connect to the more highly evolved realms of creation.

It is necessary to understand that the key principle of Siddha Teaching, the Guru Tattva, is constantly operating in and through one’s life. However, there comes a tipping point where one’s own purity and sincerity precipitates the arrival of a genuine Siddha Master in one’s life to catalyse and accelerate one’s spiritual evolution and transformation. This is the point that one must reach, where by the strength of one’s own purity, sincerity, selflessness and dedication, one actively manifests the real Guide to help one evolve and transform on a multidimensional level.

Instead of thinking that one needs to find that one special person who can somehow save or rescue one, one must instead begin taking responsibility for oneself and work on oneself to the extent that one can. One should not be desperate to meet a specific Master, though one may feel drawn at certain points to connect to certain individuals. One should always focus on one’s own essence and use one’s own discrimination when relating to so-called spiritual masters or gurus.

False, superficial and shallow students manifest the fraudulent, abusive fake gurus, whereas the truly selfless and sincere seekers effortlessly come to meet the True Siddha Masters. This the law of the spiritual teacher/ student relationship in this reality. When the disciple is ready, the Master appears.

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