Is Spirituality Separate from Life?

Is Spirituality Separate from Life

True being is limited only by the limitation of our limited mind. Once we tap into the natural being, it means that the limited mind dissolves in the natural flow of the self. That’s why transmission is always from self to self. That’s why there are no Gurus and no disciples in the space of the self.

Spiritual being
is not limited by life. Because spiritual being is the living being. And that’s
where the key to understanding spirituality lays. Because we always try to
separate spirituality from our life, from living. And this is a very obscure
understanding. Because true living is never separate from being. It actually
flows from the being, out of the being and back into the being continuously.
And this motion is the essence of manifestation – of creation and
de-creation every second or every moment of this being. It’s the very essence
of the vibration of life, which creates and de-creates each moment. And those
who separate living from spirituality – spiritual from living, and divide life
into this and that – are limited and obscure in their perception of reality and
themselves. And that’s where the root of ignorance and evil lays.

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