Kundalini Awakening & Third-Eye Activation

Kundalini Awakening & Third-Eye Activation

Kundalini awakening is the awakening of consciousness, when the physical vehicle becomes the mirror and later on, the fruit of this process. One’s limited consciousness is to be reconnected with the root of one’s Ultimate Being first and then is to realise that one’s existence is beyond the limitations of one’s individual consciousness. Such realisation results in the activation of the spiritual light essence that perceives the Ultimate Being in stillness and absorption and cultivates the conscious power within the body. Eventually, such a process leads to the gradual refinement of the limited mind and the body. It is called Siddha Alchemy.

New age concepts of the third eye, third eye activation and chakras are incomplete and heavily misunderstood due to the lack of actual experience and direct knowledge of the subject. There are many speculations though.

Our physical body has a chamber within the brain, yet it is not about the physical glands. These physical glands undergo activation and transformation only due to the reconnection with the root – the Ultimate Being – within one’s limited consciousness. Such reconnection is the effortless stillness, contentment, and blissful absorption. These are not achievements, however. These are only the foundation for one’s further refinement and transformation. There is nothing much to open or close here. Yet, there is Time to become aware, observe, cultivate stillness and absorption and refine self through them. Gradually such effortless, mature and natural spiritual work (through life) leads to one’s bodily transformation and enlightenment. Hardly anyone experiences such phenomena or has such a spiritual accomplishment at this point of time (day and age).

People dream. And when they dream, they stay within the realm of dreams. When Awareness penetrates beyond the dreams and the dreams are dissolved in the emptiness of the self, one perceives the actual Being. This Being is empty for the illusion and yet is blissful and content in itself. This Being is the root we are to reconnect with through the awakening of consciousness. And through this root, we are to refine that, which is limited. Thus, we experience Immortality in the body and thus we transcend into the Immortal Being. This is the science and the experience of Siddha Kundalini Yoga and Siddha Tantra.

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