Narcissism & Self-Expression

Narcissism & Self-Expression

The narcissistic self can never express itself honestly or from the heart. Because every expression is ran through a protective mechanism. Within there is a program that calculates the pros and cons to self of each utterance. With the narcissist, the expression that hides vulnerability, allows a sense of control to be maintained and lets the listener know no more than they need, is usually the one that wins out.

There is never a direct response to the world. Before action comes out it is channelled through several different filters. When it finally does come out it loses the potency of an action that comes straight from the heart. This also causes awkwardness and hesitation. If I want to hit a target I look at the target, aim, and fire. Any hesitation through filters here would pervert the action and make it unnatural, inaccurate and impotent. It’s like a smouldering volcano or a dripping tap. Something does come out, but only in calculated spurts, instead of a full unobstructed flow. 

Thus if you encounter an individual like this then they may never come across as fully sincere or you may never feel like you know them completely.

There can only be freedom of expression when there is total honesty to self. When one is simply themselves they can express that self fully and openly without hesitation. Impediments in the flow of self-expression come when one’s sense of self is distorted and fragmented – when one doesn’t fully accept themselves for who they are – warts and all.

The narcissist has not fully accepted themselves. The development of narcissism is based on traumas that haven’t been properly acknowledged, understood and integrated within the self. This causes one’s personality to form with several blockages in it that impede the flow of expression because the communication always has to flow around and over these points of stagnation.

When points of trauma within self are acknowledged, healed and refined, and one expresses themselves fully from the heart then one may indulge in the true bliss of the unobstructed flow of communication and joyful flowing interaction in relationship.

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