Samadhi: A Tool for Transformation

Samadhi: A Tool for Transformation

True spiritual awakening rejuvenates the body (metabolism improves) due to the fact that one learns to let go of all gross-emotional rubbish consciously. One experiences Yoga, samadhi and from that, the true awakening begins. Because one realises what is always there – one’s Ultimate Being – and sees the transitory states of the self at the same time. Yet through the inner refinement point, one goes through the harsh process of transformation and purgation, and learns to simplify one’s being and living. One’s perception changes. It means that external factors leave less and less impression on one’s absorbed into the self-mind. The mind – consciousness that gradually expands, dissolves into the collective and transcends further.

One’s consciousness has to reflect in the body. It is called integration. If there is no such thing, then it is not the right process. During samadhi one is absorbed into blissful being and during that time there is nothing. Such absorptions are spontaneous and natural for the awakened being. Yet one learns to master them in order to come out properly and function in the world.  Various physical sensations are actually the sensations from the subtle body but they may be felt as if physical. True awakening is smooth and blissful and if anything challenging occurs one is able to consciously and with guidance navigate out it. Param-Para is essential for the process and is possible only for the mature beings, whose consciousness offers them the opportunity to receive such grace through proper guidance. All the rest wonder in the dark. 

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