Spiritual Power vs Occult Power

Spiritual Power vs Occult Power

There is one true source of power: Being itself. Any power in this creation must one way or another take its power from being, from the source itself. For where else would power come from except the very essence of this creation?

True Spiritual Power comes from the power of being and consciousness flowing directly into this manifested reality without (or with very little) obstruction. Those rare Siddhas who were to become omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent were simply those beings who removed all possible obstruction between themselves as embodied beings and their source as the being itself. Paradoxically the greatest power in this creation can only be manifested by those beings who through complete selflessness emptied themselves completely. Such beings become pure vessels through which the power of consciousness can flow. The real power can only flow through in a condition of absolute freedom and total selflessness. It can never be confined and thus spiritually powerful beings are spiritually free beings.

Occult power, on the other hand, and power that is obtained through the use of magic, rituals, lower tantric acts and the like is limited and binding in its nature. The main difference between the two is that pure power is always pure, original, selfless and free in its expression, whereas occult power is impure, siphoned, self-centred and ultimately binding.

Power derived through occult means is always siphoned or channelled from somewhere. It is never direct. The use of occult power always comes with a contract or exchange of some sort. It is often obtained through the petitioning of a more powerful being from another realm, who in turn has petitioned it from elsewhere. With occult power there is always a karmic chain. The power is always borrowed from somewhere else. Yet not everyone who makes use of this power is aware of the debt that is created.

The use of spiritual power via occult or lower means could be compared to making purchases through the use of interest generating loans, whereas the use of natural spiritual power is more like paying cash. There is always a temptation to jump to take a loan in the promise of ‘free money’, and likewise with free power. But in this reality there is no such thing as ‘free money’ or ‘free power’. Every act creates a ripple to which the counter ripple must return. Remember that occult power is always borrowed and we often do not choose how and in what form the manifestation will collect this debt.

True spiritual power is always free and non-binding. Beings possessing real spiritual power are those who have merged themselves with the flow of the being, the flow of life itself. Thus they become an instrument through which power of consciousness flows freely into manifest reality. For such beings, the use of what we call ‘spiritual power’ is as natural as the use of what we call ‘walking power ’or ‘eating power’. Thus such power unfolds through that being naturally and selflessly. Such a being will never display power for the sake of demonstration. Often the advanced abilities will only be exercised in secret and for the sake of the well-being of others.

When we search for beings or masters who make overt displays of power we often run into those who are simply busy tangling themselves deeper into a web of karmic entanglement. Instead of liberating themselves, such beings only entangle themselves further. Rather, when searching for a being of true spiritual power and might, look for the qualities of inner freedom, simplicity and selflessness. It is only through such vessel that’s the real power of consciousness may flow. In this reality, power displays itself where it isn’t and hide’s itself where it is. Be wary about running after power or so-called beings of power.

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