The Root of True Detox & Purification

The Root of True Detox & Purification

The true detox and purification of the body is rooted in the detoxification and purification of the mind and the emotions. The more one refines themselves on an inner level through detangling and working with all limited, victimised and trauma-based programs within one’s consciousness, the more one’s body naturally becomes healthy, youthful and glowing.

If there is any need for an outer dietary or cleanse based detoxification of the body then one will automatically feel inclined to make the right dietary or physical detoxification choices. This may be by using certain herbs, cleanses, fasts, Ayurvedic supplements or processes like yogic prakshalana.

Ultimately one’s own refined and purified consciousness will push one to make the lifestyle changes that allow the body to align itself naturally with the consciousness which is itself detoxifying and thus becoming more vibrant and pure.

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