True Sacred Relationship

True Sacred Relationship

The foundation of a truly sacred relationship between two people is freedom. When both partners come into a relationship with a sense of personal and spiritual freedom then something truly sacred can be born.

Freedom comes from contentment. When we are content within ourselves we are not pushed and pulled by life. Contentment gives us our sense of foundation and centre in life from where we can make our own choices and decisions.

However, if we are content on our own, a relationship with the other may show the holes in our own contentment and freedom. If one has their own sense of independence, has their own purpose in life and is able to enjoy their own company and space, then they may indeed feel content in life. But when such a person enters a relationship they may initially feel the contentment diminish. As the other partner begins to act as a mirror, triggering reactions and responses that usually the person would not have to face alone.

A relationship is actually the ultimate test of one’s own contentment and is the ultimate tool for refining in life. A truly sacred relationship is the one that is based on contentment, respect, non-violence and is built through commitment, selflessness, awareness and wisdom.

In a relationship, our own qualities are mirrored back to us. If we are content then we will be tested in both the solid and unconditional nature of our own contentment, and in the way in which we express that contentment to our partner. If we respect ourselves we will be tested by how we maintain our boundaries and by how we respect our partners. When we feel discontent with our partner we are shown our lack of or rigidity of contentment. If we disrespect our partner we are simply shown our lack of self-respect through reflection.

A sacred relationship can be cultivated when both partners realise that instead of escaping from themselves into the partner, they will actually be diving deeper into themselves through the reflection of the partner. When both partners are fully aware of this process then it opens room for mutual respect, compassion and forgiveness. True love blooms in the space where both partners express freely and accept each other with care and understanding.

A relationship is the ultimate microcosm through which we learn to flow in life in general. Because one must maintain one’s own space in contentment, stillness and non-violence, yet one is also to flow out to the other with dynamism, affection and generosity. If one falls back too far into themselves then the other partner will feel distant and neglected. Whereas if one lunges too much at the partner then they will feel overwhelmed and suffocated. As in life, one’s own contentment and space has to be the core through which we flow into life joyfully and spontaneously. Yet, the process should not be forced. In the life of an integrated being, both processes of stillness and movement will be integrated into a living whole – a dynamic, vibrating and radiant consciousness within consciousness.

The truly sacred relationship is the one in which both partners come together naturally through contentment and freedom and grow together in contentment and freedom. Only through inner contentment, freedom of expression and non-violence can true love be born and nurtured between two beings.

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