What is Jivanmukti – State of Liberation?

What Is Jivanmukti - State of Liberation?

Everyone speaks about the state of liberation – Jivanmukti. Some say that Jivanmukti means this or that in Hindu or Yogic Philosophy. Yet, what is Jivanmukti? Who has attained it and is there anything to attain?

To be awakened is not enough for being liberated, to be liberated is not enough for being the enlightened and evolved being.

We awake to the corruption of self within the illusion, we liberate self from the corruption of the current illusion and then we transcend from the illusion of self being as if “the reality” to the awareness and the perception of self, being free from the distorted corrupted vision of self as the illusion only. When the whole essence is free from corruption, the illusion appears to be neutral and empty and one’s body and being starts the process of integration and the enlightenment from within. This enlightenment spreads all over one’s being and culminates in the enlightenment of the body. The enlightened and the immortal body is no longer subject to ageing, disease or effects of occult interference (like black magic).

It is so because the refined consciousness manifests self through the refined body without obstruction or corruption and thus enlightens the body. The energy emanations of the body are beyond the current dimension of illusion and corruption and thus the body is not subjected to the corruption or decay caused by the illusion, delusion, imbalanced emotions and mind effected by the corrupt vibration of self through the corrupted illusion of our contemporary being.

The world is then seen as a beautiful, yet neutral place to be in and a place of freedom with responsibility and is experienced through non-violence and deep contentment. One is no longer keen on being anything or anyone or appearing special or anyhow powerful in this phenomenal reality we all share. Such a state and a being is called Jivanmukti (Jivanmukta). 

Jivanmukti-s and Jivanmukta-s are very rare at this point of time and space continuum of the current dimension. Jivanmukti-s and Jivanmukta-s emanate knowledge and transmit it rather than preach it or impose. They activate and awaken people who come across them and who have a genuine call and maturity for self-refinement and selfless transcendence. 

If one has a corrupt mind engrossed in victimisation and a limited perception of life, reality, spirituality, for such beings Jivanmukti and Jivanmukta-s will be invisible. Jivanmukti and Jivanmukta will never appear as something out-worldly, or as superior beings. They will prefer staying unnoticed and will appear as ordinary beings. Those who look for genuine Jivanmukti-s and Jivanmukta-s will never find them among commercial famous and spiritual-fashion driven gurus, nor they will find them in ashrams or spiritual communities nor among sadhus nor among people who smoke and perform rituals and are engaged in the occult, nor they will be found in the walls of churches or religious institutions. 

Jivanmuktis or Jivanmukta-s will be known by their transmitting power and knowledge, deep simplicity and contentment, straightforwardness and clarity, free yet non-violent spirit and selfless service. Such beings will not talk about their achievements or spiritual powers or experiences with the public nor they will try to proclaim themselves as being special, avatars or gurus. They will always stay equal to those who enjoy and refine through their presence or learn from them in silence, through their being and transmissions. 

Jivanmukti, however, is not a finite state and one further evolves to Paramukti – complete transcendence from this plane of existence. 

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