What is Meditation & Absorption?

What is Meditation & Absorption

Meditation is not something that you do. Meditation is. We do not practice meditation, rather we realise that meditation is always already there. The natural condition of Being itself is meditative. Being eternally meditates on itself in and out of manifestation. What we call our ‘self’ is simply a persistent waveform within manifest Being.

Being is space. Within Being our limited identities arise through wave patterns that persist and become grooves within the space. Our rigid self-identity is simply the repetition within space of these waves.

To practice meditation means to first perceive ourselves as meditation; to perceive ourselves as the Being which throbs and which gives rises to waves within itself. From this point, the point of becoming meditation, we meditate on the arising waves within self. By meditating on waves arising within our space we pull those waves back into being. To truly meditate is to refine and equalise all waves within our space.

Meditation only becomes possible after awakening – perceiving self as a Being-Space. Before awakening we perceive our own identity as being limited to the wave patterns arising within space. True Meditation is actualised when, perceiving our essence beyond arising and subsiding forms, we stand as Space and bring all waves into equilibrium.

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  1. I loved this talk. It clarified precisely the stages to breakthrough and how to bring waves back into Being through meditation. I never thought of my life as just a big wave in Being. Isn’t that what this article is saying?

    1. Everything is a wave. Even one’s perception of the body is a consistent stream of information waves. In this reality there is nothing as hard and solid as one usually thinks. The more one is able to perceive phenomena objectively and serenely as waves then the more is able to refine self and experience and integrate the subtler level reality into the apparent lived human reality. The world is not an illusion, but rather one’s perception of the world as ‘really this’ or ‘really that’ is an illusion. This illusion can be gradually dissolved through absorption and one perceives the nature of reality, the root, the unconditional space-like being.



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