What is Self-Born Knowledge?

What Is Self-Born Knowledge?

There’s no Siddha Alchemy without Siddha Param-Para and transmission. No voluntary practices or techniques ever lead to any spiritual accomplishment. It’s only through the touch of true Param-Para and a transmission that the seed of knowledge is activated within, yet the accomplishment is defined by the very purity of the individual being and their cultivation of the seed for self-refinement and transformation that eventually either unfolds into a spiritual accomplishment or remains incomplete.

The soil into which the seed is planted and in which it is activated matters. That’s why it is not only by the grace of awakening that one achieves accomplishment but more so by the inner purity and selflessness. There’s no immortality without a clear realisation of the process of awakening, refinement, creation and equanimous being that are invoked as self-born knowledge by transmission and are to be realised within each individual conscious vessel.

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