What Is True Spiritual Practice?

What Is True Spiritual Practice?

Yoga, meditation and samadhi cannot be practiced. Liberation cannot be practiced. They are the fruit (result) of the natural mind being turned within the self. As long as something is practiced there is no natural flow to it and thus it is just another action, just another experience devoid of grace and transmission. 

Is Yoga about what clothes or hairstyle you wear? Is meditation about the way you are controlled, suppressed or well-behaved? Is samadhi outside of the self and requires an ambitious action? True being is always there like the space permeating everything. How can it be practiced, achieved, separated or controlled? It is the very essence of every being, phenomena and experience yet it is untouched by any of those. Those who dissolve in their natural being are true Jnanis, Yogis and meditators who never meditate, never want to know and never practice anything. Such truth can be known by few and realised by the fewer. 

All the rest may entertain themselves with spiritual action and tangle with the spiritual experience. As long as one experience appears as more important than the other within one’s limited mind, the bondage is prolonged. 

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