Why Is The World Against Me?

Why Is the World Against Me?

You perceive the world as against you because you are against yourself. And by being against yourself you actually create the conditions for the world to be against you. Just as the confident, secure person draws positive and new opportunities to themselves, the being who dwells in self-pity and the idea that ‘the world is out to get me’ draws all manner of negative experiences and abuse to themselves.

The world is not for or against anyone. The world is ultimately neutral. And within our own field, we create and manifest our own experiences that are both positive and negative.

As long as we perceive ourselves as a victim of life, and therefore abdicate responsibility, life itself will victimise us and toss us from side to as a weak and non-responsible being.

The key is to take absolute responsibility for everything that we do. The idea that we are pushed or forced into a certain situation is itself a product of a victimised mentality. The victim will allow themselves to be coerced in order to after the experience feel those strong victimised emotions: shame, guilt, regret, a sense of being hard-done-by.

We always have a choice. But the person who dwells in victimisation already operates from the perspective that they are powerless and have no choice. From this point of view the stage is already set and that being will time and again draw such experiences to themselves. Why? Because they operate in the world from the perspective of being a victim. They have the scent of a victim on them. And that sense is then quickly picked up by who would abuse.

Both abusers and victims act out of a feeling of victimhood. They both play different roles. There may be only one single act of violence, but on each end of that violence, for both parties, the feelings will all congeal around a sense of powerlessness and lack of control. The abuser seeks to actively force that power and control through action whereas the victim controls inwardly by abdicating outward action and personal responsibility entirely. Both are acts of violence, to self and to other.

Thus the one who perceives the world as against them draws that world to be against them. By their own act of violence to self, of abdicating responsibility for their own life and seeking to control life through fearful abstention and passive aggression, they invite the outside world to crush them and prove to them their own self-pitying and victimised sentiments.

One should take responsibility for one’s own life. One should not be afraid to throw oneself into life, nor should one be afraid of failure or rejection. One should develop their own core of self-worth and self-confidence and give everything to life freely. After that one may watch life become a friend rather than an enemy.

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