How To Evolve Through Spiritual Relationship?

How to Evolve Through Spiritual Relationship?

The wise keep the company of the wise and fools keep the company of fools. To become truly wise ourselves, we are to pay attention to who and what we surround ourselves with. Real spiritual evolution never occurs in a cocoon. It happens in life through the crucible of different situations, relationships and circumstances. It is in the very flow of life itself that we are to find the means to face ourselves and progress spiritually.

Spiritual evolution begins with a certain silent aspiration. It is an aspiration towards a contentment that is unconditional; it does not depend on any outer circumstance or situation or setting. We begin our spiritual journey with the notion that there is a peace which is somehow beyond the world and our own mind, which is somehow always virgin, fresh and untouched.

This initial aspiration pushes us to find an example. We want to see where this unconditional contentment is living. This is the desire to find a spiritual teacher or mentor. We wish to find a finished example of what we seek and we wish to align ourselves with it and ask, “How?”

We begin spiritual relationship when we encounter somebody who we see as a living emanation and example of that purity, simplicity and spiritual vibrancy that we originally intuited.

Evolution through relationship is the quickest and surest way to progress. To encounter ourselves through the other is to encounter ourselves, if we dare, in the most honest, raw and stripped-down way. 

Spiritual relationship differs from ordinary relationships in that the spiritual relationship revolves around a selfless core of mutual respect and transmission. It is not a normal human relationship because it is not centred around the meeting of mutual need or even enjoyment, cooperation or emotional love.

Spiritual relationships are containers for evolution through human experience. We evolve through spiritual relationship by using the presence of a more refined, simple & vibrant being to shine light upon our own experience and to set fire to our own life in general. Truly evolved beings – Yogis & Siddhas that dwell in their own content inner being and live life through that being, shine bright, and through relationship with them we step into their light and use it to illuminate our own corners of darkness, rigidity, stagnation and ignorance.

To keep the company of the wise, and to truly evolve is to be a constant beginner and a constant student of life. To keep the company of fools is to stagnate in false notions of life through games of power and self-assumed illusionary superiority.

Real spiritual relationship is a joy when there is humility and a pain when there is pride and self-importance. The core of a real spiritual relationship is total innocence and the actual joy of connecting to another human being on an unconditional level. We evolve and succeed in spiritual relationship when by the strength of our own purity we discover a being in whose presence we realise the reality of our own being, and by mutually building and deepening our relationship with that being we evolve, learn and integrate gradually within the ever-expanding experience of the Self. 


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