Creativity: What Makes A Genius?

Creativity: What Makes a Genius?

If most of the people have to put effort into what they do, the talented people simply do; they don’t think, they express their being, which is called creative being – genius. They don’t feel, they flow within their expression as the expression of their natural being. That’s why the genius is flawless, it is a part of the creation itself, an inseparable piece of creation within the creation. Perfection exists within the creation as creation, an expression of the creation is perfection manifested.

Talented people make no effort, as the river makes no effort to flow, as do the talented people, they flow within themselves as the endless possibility of the creation to express itself.

Truly talented people don’t deliberately create, they are the creation, and whatever they do or wherever they step the creation manifests in their every step. Their steps cannot be copied or replicated because at the core their creation is the direct transmission of their creative being, the flow that is expressed in its unique way at the unique moment of time and space, and that moment can’t be repeated, replicated or returned. That is what makes genius unique and truly talented people rare.

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