How to Receive Shaktipat & Evolve?

How to Receive Shaktipat & Evolve?

A lot of people talk about Shaktipat as if it’s an energetic thing or a transfer of some kind of mystical energy. But actually receiving Shaktipat is about truly connecting to one’s own essence through the presence of someone who is a truly refined, free in expression, pure and powerful yet humble being – Siddha Master

Experiencing Shaktipat, or the reconnection with one’s own unconditional blissful essence through the presence of a Siddha Master, is only the start of the process. The Shaktipat must then be sustained through the connection with that being. Then one begins to refine on a multidimensional level (including physical and energetic levels). This is a smooth process and has nothing to do with the ‘Kundalini Awakening symptoms‘ that a lot of people seem to report. Many of these ‘symptoms’ could be afflictions of an occult nature within the self that only manifest outwardly once energetically triggered. 

One begins the journey towards Shaktipat through one’s own sincerity, simplicity, humility and purity. When the time is right, one is ready to perceive and realise Shaktipat as the pure grace of the Unconditional Being that is in the manifested self, too. It is not simply a case of turning up at someone’s doorstep and begging for something that can simply be handed over to one as Shaktipat.

If one wishes to receive Shaktipat, then one should begin by refining self from within. When one starts to sincerely work on oneself by honestly perceiving where one’s own areas of stagnation, corruption and victimisation truly lie, then one moves steadily towards Shaktipat.

The more one refines, and the more one begins to value one’s own unconditional contentment and stillness over everything else, the more one opens oneself up to receive Shaktipat.

Shaktipat is never given from the outside, and one does not receive Shaktipat either by luck, chance or by actually choosing to. Shaktipat manifests due to the purity of one’s own being and intent meeting the pure grace of the Self that pours on those simple and selfless beings who cultivate their own natural mind and live life only through the moment of Now.

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