Why Do We Age & Stagnate in Life?

Why Do We Age & Stagnate in Life?

Why do some people fail to progress in life? One fails to progress in life when one is not really living life now. Progress happens in life when one accepts the present moment and lets go of past and future projections. In order to move forward in life spiritually in a wholesome and balanced way, one has to actually digest everything within one’s past and present experience fully.

Stagnation happens in life because we are unable to let go of certain information, memories and traumas. At specific points of our life, and especially in childhood, events may happen which leave an emotional and mental imprint on our being. The imprint is left because the experience wasn’t and still hasn’t been digested fully in our consciousness; we still hold onto this experience for one reason or another. When we cannot let go of a certain experience, the experience begins to rot within our being. This is what creates stagnation in life, and this what actually causes the human body to age.

Ageing, or the rotting of the human body, is actually caused by the rotting of unrefined emotions and undigested experience in our consciousness. When every experience, from one moment to the next, is completely let go, digested and burnt within consciousness, then the ageing process stops or significantly slows down.

The foundation of Siddha Kundalini Yoga, Siddha Tantra and Siddha Alchemy lies in the process of becoming a burner of all experience within self. All true spiritual practice aims at the state where the experience of the world is simply lived fully and let go of. This way, there are no imprints made in the consciousness, the mind becomes quiet and the experience of actual equanimity, spaciousness and bliss of the ultimate reality itself predominates over the conditional movements and fluctuations within the world. In fact, the fluctuations of lived experience may come to appear like a dance or pulsation of the unmoving ever-present content Being.

In order to flow in life as a free ageless being, one is first to refine everything that is already there within oneself. One grows and ages with many experiences, especially from childhood, that are still unrefined, undigested and as-if frozen within one’s consciousness. The first task of a spiritual adept is to locate all these frozen and undigested experiences, which initially may seem to be painful or traumatic.

To locate these reified experiences within oneself one must simply look for one’s own pain. One has to look at the areas of life where one suffers and fails to succeed. If one struggles financially or one struggles in relationships then there is an issue somewhere that creates this stagnation and impossibility to move forward. One is first to locate where the area of stagnation is and then dig within to see what has caused this issue and what oneself has contributed to it. If one does this sincerely and over a period of time then one will receive gems of insight into one’s own life – moments when one sees the link between past traumatic experience and a current pattern of dysfunctional or self-destructive behaviour.

When one locates the specific experience or the overall aggregate of painful emotions associated with a certain experience, then one is just to be with them neutrally and without judgement. When one is able to hold past traumatic experience within one’s consciousness openly, vulnerably and yet equanimously and without judgement, one is able to melt these frozen experiences and digest them fully within one’s consciousness.

This is the beginning of the refinement process, which over time will transform one into a lighter, younger and more content being who is able to flow through contentment, build harmonious relationships and flourish in life without fear, attachment or the constant accumulation of emotional imprints.

The key to eternal youth is innocence. Innocence is found in the refined mind that dwells in its own pure, content, eternally fulfilled and equanimous Being.

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