What Is the State of Contentment?

The state of contentment may be seen as both a basic spiritual achievement and a solid foundation for further evolution. But what is contentment exactly? Is it a high-like state of ecstasy or a doped out state of fake peace, passivity and escapism?

To be content means to be at ease through the flow of life. Whether one rests, works, talks, walks; whether one travels, goes nowhere, or whether one is surrounded by people or constantly alone, one is simply fine and one simply flows through each moment of life openly and at ease.

When one is content, one does not argue with the natural being or with reality. One accepts their own circumstances and works consciously with what has been unconsciously accumulated within and what that accumulation has borne out in the manifested present. The content being accepts their life, and instead of positioning themselves against life, they use their circumstances as a means to refine, see themselves deeper and integrate and expand that contentment.

It is only when one is content, that one can truly begin spiritual practice. Because when one is content, one ceases to be pushed and pulled by life into false paths and circuitous avenues of illusion and escapism. At this point, one discovers one’s own unique flow of life and one’s decisions are no longer made by the victimised, fearful, deluded and pleasure-seeking mind. One allows life to show one in which direction one is to flow, and then one begins to navigate life in a smooth way without trying to grasp at the objects of the creation or constantly control events. It is this state of contentment that is the very basis for spiritual adepthood and the further multidimensional evolution beyond the emotional and mental layers of the reality.

When there is contentment, the search stops. From this point, one can no longer call themselves a seeker; one is an adept because one has achieved the foundational level of awakening and integration within this reality, so that one may then begin the process of evolving beyond it.

The true spiritual evolution beyond this realm of gross/  emotional/ mental reality cannot begin until one is content, tranquil and at ease within it. Real spiritual work cannot be done from a restless, ambitious, egotistical and power-driven mind-set. These qualities are simply the signs that one is still immersed in the back and forth games of an emotional reality that is corrupt and fragmented.

Until one tastes true unconditional contentment, one simply wonders in the darkness of spiritual hallucination and imagination. In order to come out of that darkness, one is to be honest to self and see clearly the patterns within oneself that bar one from simply resting in a state of simple unadorned contentment that does not shout or announce itself as spiritual, advanced or special.

One cannot talk, brag or preach about contentment. Contentment is. And the content being emanates that contentment through selflessness, ease and simplicity. When one is content, one is able to manifest a balanced, fulfilling life that nourishes and paves the way for further evolution in and out of this reality and the expansion of contentment into deeper levels of equanimity, transcendence and bliss.

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