Overcoming Laziness & Procrastination

Overcoming Laziness & Procrastination

When one is established in stillness it becomes impossible to procrastinate. Establishment in real stillness and contentment equals a total integration and unifying of one’s individual being with the natural flow of life. In this state, one lives effortlessly, dealing simply with what needs to be done from one moment to the next.

The separate elements of life lose their harsh distinctions because one’s perception becomes more neutral and content within self. One’s state of contentment does not depend on ‘I’m doing this activity that makes me happy,’ or ‘Thank God I managed to avoid that boring task, now I can sit back and watch TV.’ The foundation of experience is already content. Specific life situations or events no longer hold sway or dictate one’s level of contentment. Therefore, one is able to flow through life in an efficient, yet creative way without avoiding or escaping. One’s inner sense of ease reflects into daily life through an active mode of dealing with all the mundane tasks of life efficiently and effortlessly. Everything is simply done at the right time.

Procrastination is not just about not doing the dishes right away or leaving one’s homework until the last minute. With procrastination, there is an awareness that now is the right and proper time to do something, yet one does not do it. So, embedded in the procrastinative act is a feeling of tension between the natural flow of life that pushes one to do something at the right time, and one’s own actual actions, which on some level one feels to be fruitless and of an escapist nature.  

Stagnation and overall procrastination in life are just the same phenomenon on a larger scale. One feels that life is pushing one to make some kind of change or adjustment, and yet one chooses to delay and stagnate in what one already knows is a dead outcome of the past and ultimately a state of life-inertia.

A lack of stillness and contentment in the mind manifests in life as an inability to flow and create and maintain a proper long-term vision. The more one’s mind is complex and ruminates constantly around the same areas of self-centered thoughts, projections and obsessions, the more one is drawn to escapism and into restless, shallow and addictive living.

Through the process of gradual refinement, one can equalise the distorted emotional information in one’s being that manifests externally as a lack of overall vision, shallow relationships, an unfulfilling work-life and escapist and hedonistic pursuits. When one refines further and begins to dwell more and more in a space of contentment and stillness one discovers who one really is as an individual. One discovers what is truly important for one in life and how one would really like to live and spend one’s time. It at this point that one becomes able to manifest a proper vision for life. Proper vision, stillness of mind and simplicity in living make procrastination and laziness impossible.

So in order to overcome laziness and procrastination, one’s first task  is to ask oneself who one really is and what one really wants in life. If one knows this, one can then begin to set short and long term goals and start making efforts to meet them on a daily basis.

Aimlessness, discontentment and dishonesty to self are truly the allies of laziness and procrastination. Stillness, contentment and a vision born from knowing oneself deeply are the qualities that defeat and oppose laziness and procrastination. One is to cultivate stillness and use that stillness to gradually refine and polish oneself from the inside out. One should first see who one truly is and then start manifesting life from that point of honesty, clarity and contentment.


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