How to Become a Spiritual Teacher?

How to Become a Spiritual Teacher?

One becomes a spiritual teacher when one simply is. When one is neither this nor that, nor has any interest in teaching, preaching or explaining anything to anyone; at that point, one may start to emanate spiritual teaching. Because spiritual teaching is not a process of intentional action. Spiritual teaching is, first of all, an emanation of the one who has established themselves in their own being and who has refined the gross and subtle impediments which usually prevent that omnipresent being from radiating effortlessly through everyone.

Secondly, spiritual teaching is a form of spontaneous selfless action that flows out of the so-called spiritual teacher when other beings come into their space of awareness.

The one who is established in their own being and acts effortlessly through that being develops spiritual gravity. It is the spiritual gravity itself that creates the spiritual teaching and the spiritual teacher. This gravity pulls other beings spontaneously into the conscious space of the being who is established in their own self. The same gravity that pulls one into their own natural mind and spiritual core, also simultaneously pulls one into the conscious space of the one who is already established in their own being. Thus spiritual gravity is not merely attraction, but the very inward pull of the unconditional being to realise itself through its own creation.

The real spiritual teacher doesn’t teach per se, but simply acts naturally and spontaneously around whoever and whatever comes into their space of awareness. This action may include answering questions, sitting in silence or helping others through the use of some spiritual power or insight. But is it not an intentional teaching; it is a natural flow of being. 

One cannot learn to flow, and so one cannot learn to be a spiritual teacher. Spiritual teaching is simply the natural flow of being acting unimpeded through a refined, selfless and simple human being who is established in the space of natural purity and unconditional neutral being from which all spiritual knowledge is born and flows out as a spontaneous expression of creation itself.

Thus, the true spiritual teacher never considers themselves a teacher. There only seems to be a teaching because questions are asked and other beings perceive a qualitative difference in the emanation and expression of that being. But this is always an imposition. The true spiritual teacher is, in fact, the ultimate and eternal student. Such a being who is established in emptiness radiates a purity and innocence that transforms effortlessly those who come into their space. This is something that cannot be learnt. It is a space that one must merge into. One must become the teaching, which is being itself, by letting go of all ideas about teaching which are based on false notions of knowledge, spirituality and the reality itself.

Spiritual teaching is first and foremost establishment in the space of equanimous and blissful unconditional being. It is then a transmission and emanation of that being pouring into itself through its own apparent creation.

There is nothing to teach and nothing to learn. There is a being to realise and a process of refinement through which one must see the ignorance and distortion within one’s own space and then dissolve that information into the space of equanimous and blissful unconditional being.

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