What is Mahasivaratri?

What is Mahasivaratri?

Many people consider Mahasivaratri as a celebration or a way to connect to a deity or to please occult forces.

The meaning of this event is to reconnect with the self – that core of blissful contentment that we are at all times, which yet remains blurred and not fully perceived as the self due to self-delusion and pursuit of external reality, inner distortions and ambitions.

Action-driven spirituality pushes us to look for miracles instead of tuning us within. Mahasivaratri is the time when we are reminded about the cultivation of inner stillness, simplicity and letting go of all the veils within the self. These veils push us to look for unnatural forms of spirituality: rituals, worships and the empowerment of external objects and people.

The essence of this time is to bring back one’s consciousness to itself and reconnect with the Ultimate, free from projections, hopes and expectations.

Spirituality is not separate from life. It is in each breath, in each bit of vibration of space and time, and this is the dimension of self we are to reconnect with within ourselves. Once we reconnect, the core is perceived and content, and the action is balanced with the being.

The Source or Ultimate Being or Siva or Consciousness is of the nature of stillness and void/ limitless space. The rest, including the world, is the manifestation or creation through its Power of Consciousness

The Siddhas and the Siddha Realm are a representation of that highly evolved and pure vibrating dimension of consciousness and the way to perceive Self as Siva – the Ultimate Being.

During Mahasivaratri, one should tune to Siddha Being, hard to grasp by our conditional minds, and tune to the stillness and limitless space through absorption.

Siddha Being is a presence that is knowledge, bliss, being at the same time. The more sincere and pure you are within, the more you are able to flow naturally within the self and perceive the essence of the existence – SIVA.

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