How to Step on the Pathless Path?

How to Step on the Pathless Path

One of the most persistent symbolic representations of the process of spiritual evolution is the path, or the journey. When people read about spirituality, one of the mains things that draws one in is the sense of journey or quest, or somehow the sense of proceeding from point A to B. However, the notion of spirituality as a linear journey or a step by step path is an illusion that needs to be dissolved before one can get really step onto the pathless path.

Seemingly there is a path and seemingly there is moment in time where there can be a shift that is somehow caused. But an over-reliance on the the idea of spiritual evolution being a journey from here to there leads to an action driven spirituality, which sooner or later will become absorbed into the realms of illusion that are commanded by time and which ultimately give rise to the appearance of a journey or of a path.

To step onto the pathless path means to become awakened to the unconditional and timeless being in the moment of now. This is the moment when one realises that all conditions rise and fall, appear and disappear in an unconditional space where at the root nothing happens and nothing changes. Yet to step in to this space does not obviate this life or the perception of this world as temporal and full of seemingly separate and distinct objects. After stepping onto the pathless path, one may seem in this reality to be still walking a very concrete path, because that is the nature of this reality. But the space of being is something that both underlies and is present within every fragment and every experience of this reality. The unconditional being wakes up to itself within a reality of apparent conditions, and the apparent conditions do not just disappear.

To step on to the pathless path does not mean to disappear or dissolve completely; it is about learning how to do without doing, eat without eating, sleep without sleeping, and also walk the path whilst also dwelling in the terminus point of all apparent paths – the infinite space of unconditional being, the pathless path.

To step onto the pathless path is to already have a certain realisation about the nature of reality. But stepping onto the pathless path is not the end, rather it is the beginning. Realisation or awakening is the beginning, but realisation has to expand, ripen and become full on a multidimensional level – the process of multidimensional refinement and integration. But the process of deep multidimensional refinement cannot happen without the realisation of the pathless path. This is because the conditions present within this reality, which includes all of one’s tendencies, veils and distortions, can only be undone by the unconditional; they cannot be undone by thinking or by trying to somehow escape from self; they are only undone by that which is both beyond and imminent within everything.

The pathless path is that space of equanimous, unconditional and blissful being. By means of the pathless path, we affect what appears to be the path in this reality. One is to dwell in that unconditional space whilst participating in life, the apparent path and the process of multidimensional refinement. This is the play of reality itself as both beyond and within. It seems paradoxical, but the paradox only exists for the conditioned mind.

When one steps on to the pathless path, one realises the essence of the path within; one begins to explore and go into the actual depth of this reality. This process occurs beyond appearances or forms or movements of the mind; it is an immersion into a dimension that is beyond this reality. In the terms of this reality, it is pathless and invisible. At the same time, one’s participation in the pathless path creates a simulatenous and parallel movement in this apparent manifested reality. One may refine themselves on both the level of body and mind; one may continue to eat, sleep, talk, enjoy, yet at the same time a presence is opened that permeates all of one’s actions in this reality. Instead of the outward path that is visible being dictated by the mind, the outward visible path becomes shaped by the inward path, the unmoving and constant presence of the equanimous unconditional being.

Stepping on the pathless path ultimately dissolves all ideas of inward and outward. One is in that space and refines through the space. But this life is made of space; the world is empty and neutral at it’s root and as the fullness of that realisation expands, the experience of reality as empty and blissful predominates over the fluctuations of the gross/ emotional information.

As an embodied being, one begins to take on the qualities of that unconditional being whilst in the body. When one walks in the world as an apparent person, one also carries within them the presence and the transmission of that space – one is an opening unto the root of reality itself. Eventually the body has to dissolve because the form cannot hold onto the radiation of the formless. At this point one continues into new planes of spiritual evolution far beyond any idea of body or emotion, yet one may maintain a presence in this reality. This is the summit of the pathless path and the summit of Siddha Kundalini Yoga in this plane of reality.


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