Black Magic: Misuse of Emotional Intent

Black Magic Misuse of Emotional Intent

Magic is essentially the act of consciously manipulating the manifested reality to achieve a certain desired result. The seed of every magical act is an intention. It is then up to the magician to decide how they want this seed to grow and in which direction.

Black magic is the act of consciously manipulating reality to interfere with and bring about a certain result in the life of another person or group of people. The very seed of black magic is contained in harbouring a desire to interfere with the free will of another. To wish to interfere and overcome the free will of another is the foundational black magical act and the heart of all black magic. All rituals and outward performances are simply tools to amplify and encode this intent into the flow of manifested reality.

Through generations of black magic, magicians have developed rituals that generate the most amplitude and projection power for a certain intention. A powerful black magician is the one who can cause the most change in manifested reality for the least amount of expended effort. Rituals that have been passed down from magician to magician over the centuries are typically the most powerful. Magicians created the ritual as pathways or codes to change the flow of manifested reality itself.

In this day and age, powerful black magicians, often belonging to a lineage or unbroken line of magicians will have a high success rate when it comes to interfering with and affecting people’s lives. For a powerful magician to every day send a series of self-destructive thoughts to someone is an easy task. Yet acting on these thoughts can very quickly wreck the life of the magicked person and the lives of those around them. 

The success rate of black magic is so high only because most of the people are disconnected from their own natural being and simply live their lives through emotional impulses and self-created dramas and stories. The realm of emotions and thoughts is very easy to influence through magic, and therefore if one is not established in a state of equanimous contentment that is beyond the mind, then one is basically open to be influenced and controlled at all times by someone who has a certain amount magical power. In that case, one’s mind is simply not one’s own.

The world as we know it today has been shaped and crafted through black magic attacks and retaliations. It is not a foreign thing that is reserved for a malevolent few who like to sit around cauldrons. In this day and age, black magic is a tightly woven and integrated part of the manifested reality. For the most part, everyone is totally unaware of the influence of black magic. Because it doesn’t announce itself. It quietly influences the individual and the society through a slow dragging down of the human being into self-pity, baseness, relational disharmony and ultimately self-destruction. Black magic is not a sign of some abstract evil, rather it is a natural outgrowth of the absolute corruption that prevails in this gross/ emotional reality.

The foundational black magical act is the desire to interfere with the free will of another. The rest is simply amplification. Every thought to go over the free will of another person or wish them ill in general contributes to the overall field and force of black magical power world-wide. Within an environment where the principles of selflessness, non-interference and non-violence are forgotten or ignored, black magic thrives. It thrives because it encounters no resistance.

Real spirituality has nothing to do with bringing about changes in the manifested reality. It has nothing to do with ‘manifesting the life of your dreams’ or ‘co-creation with the universe.’ Real spirituality is about stepping beyond the conditional manifested reality entirely to realise the actual root of one’s being beyond all arising and subsiding forms. When one reconnects with that root, one is then able to flow in this reality in a very different way as the will itself is reconstituted around the space of equanimous self-being.

Magic and any attempt to manipulate the reality through the power of intent is a slippery slope that drags one further away from true spirituality into deeper, dangerous and more binding layers of illusion.

Just because something seems to have a flavour of something ‘magical’ or ‘beyond’ does not mean that it is necessarily spiritual. It is simply another subtler flavour of the same prison of perceptual illusion and forgetfulness. Real spirituality stands beyond all forms and yet when the time comes, enlightens and transforms the form also. The more one cultivates one’s true spiritual essence and refines the distorted emotional programs within self, the more one distances oneself from the grasps of black magic and negative occult interference. 

Whatever one manifests in this reality is the projection of the content within one’s own consciousness. Thus if one manifests black magical or negative occult interference in one’s life, then one is not to feel like a victim, but rather use it as an opportunity to see the hooks with one’s being that allow such forces to influence, interfere and disrupt the natural, content and free flow of being within self. 

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