Introduction to SKY – Part 1: Preparation

Introduction to SKY - Part 1: Preparation


Siddha Kundalini Yoga is the path to establishment in the unconditional natural being and bio-spiritual immortality. The keys to the path are the cultivation of purity, selflessness and simplicity. The path is incredibly simple, yet in order to establish self in that simplicity, one is first to face the myriad tangled layers of emotional/ mental complexity within self.

Though the path is simple, there are still different elements that comprise the path. Rather, they are different faces or perspectives of the path, that when put together bring one to the culmination of the path in Yoga, or the establishment in the Ultimate Being and immortalisation and enlightenment of the physical body.

The path begins at the point of awakening where one steps beyond the limited and conditional being that exists as a fluctuating nest of emotions and thoughts that gives rise to the sense of a separate solid, bound and conditional identity. At this point in time, this is the conscious state of most of the human beings: a consciousness that is almost solely focused on the personal thoughts and emotions that arise from the subtle tendencies that exist deeper within one’s consciousness.

Awakening comes when one steps beyond this layer of reality and experiences self as the expansive space of equanimous unconditional being. This awakening can come by itself as a result one’s own spiritual effort or as an initiation by a being who is already established and integrated in the state of Yoga – establishment and complete multidimensional union and integration with the Absolute.

Whether one has awakened or not, the link with a Siddha Master is actually what allows one to evolve and progress on the path smoothly and naturally. If one has not yet awakened or connected to a Siddha Master then one can still work upon self and prepare. One’s preparation for Siddha Kundalini Yoga is mainly guided by one’s heart and higher vision, yet there are specific things that one can do to lay a foundation for this conscious path of evolution.



Perceiving the Path

One of the best ways to prepare for the Siddha Kundalini Yoga path is to understand what the path is and is not. When one walks the path one will gradually have all spiritual illusions and ideas stripped away naturally. In fact, almost all that is known about spirituality is false conceptual retold and dead knowledge. Real spirituality does not live within concepts, ideas or esoteric practices, but in a transmission of that unconditional space itself into the flow of words. It is not the words themselves, but the transmission that those words carry – it is where those words spring from that is important.

Therefore one must first understand that there is no particular ideological or conceptual basis for this path. Anything that appears as a description or frame of this path is arbitrary and exists simply as a vehicle to carry the transmission of the actual invisible and pathless path which is simply the equanimous being itself.

So when one begins to explore the path or various written or verbally transmitted materials about the path, one should not try to grasp any of the information as dogma or knowledge that one can hang onto and retell. Transmission writings are not intellectual and they are not for memorisation. Rather one must allow transmission writing to strike one’s being and pull one into that same equanimous and content space. These writings may also trigger certain realisations in one or they may seem to be the exact information that one needs to hear at that particular place and time.

Another thing to clearly understand about the path is that it is not a colourful mystical journey filled with miraculous adventures, fairies and visions. This is a false and fantastical notion that has unfortunately been portrayed in many writings by those corrupt beings who decided to call themselves Yogis or Siddhas.

The path is about first facing the corruption and distortion within self. Because it is only the corruption in the form of buried subconscious tendencies and distorted emotional programs that veil the natural unconditional being. They both veil the natural being and imprison the natural apperception of self-being in a frame of an individuality constructed out of unrefined emotions which are in turn manifested from the tendencies latent in the individual subtle body that incarnates from life to life.

The unconditional being is always there, and it has always been there. It is the neutral zero point within self. Therefore one must not only refine negative subconscious tendencies, but also those tendencies that seem to be of a positive nature. For this world and the mind that is enmeshed in this world through the collective consciousness the natural being of self is absolute non-existence and nothingness. There is no content there onto which one can grasp. It is on one level a negation of the manifestation, and in order to reconnect with that space, one must be able to dissolve the entire limited perception of the creation within self at any second. And when one begins to meditate, one finds that this is not such an easy task, as the perpetuum mobile of the mind will keep trying to roll on relentlessly despite any effort to quiet or still the mind.

The beginning and central practice of Siddha Kundalini Yoga for this day and age is the emotional refinement and the uprooting and dismantling of the corrupt tendencies within the self. These tendencies are corrupt simply because they veil and obstruct the neutral equanimous and blissful perception of reality. As one begins to cut through the layers of these tendencies more and more then small beams of light begin to shine through the darkness of illusion. There will be glimpses of contentment, stillness and realisations about the nature of the unconditional reality and the manifest creation within it.


Emotional Refinement

When one is awakened and has formed a link with a Siddha Master, it will be natural for the unrefined tendencies to begin to come to the surface naturally and spontaneously in order to be noticed and worked with. The connection with the Master exposes one to a spiritual radiation that naturally pushes anything that is unrefined within self to the surface. Until that point, one should first begin to acknowledge intellectually and to the extent that one can that all of one’s difficulties and sufferings in life are caused by one’s own distorted emotional programs and actions that stem from those programs.  One must first take responsibility for everything with one’s own space: everything that happens to one, everything that one does and everything that one thinks. Both in past, present and future. One must continuously ask self, ‘How have I contributed to this situation?’

When one starts to practice like this then one will often encounter tremendous inner resistance that comes from a kind of negative pleasure that the self takes from feeling like a victim, or feeling just or feeling superior or inferior. One should try to the extent possible to observe these thoughts/ feelings from an objective point and see how they affect the body. When one certain train of thought or action arises, ask oneself ‘Where does this train of thought take me? Does it take me back to my equanimous, content and neutral being, or does it take me into further layers of inner drama, conflict, victimisation, self-pity and self-destruction?’ One must always ask self these questions and answer them honestly. In order to progress one must learn to prioritise one’s own inner equanimity and stillness over everything else and surrender all the dramas into that space. From that point of view, the outer action in daily life will take on a new form and rhythm and will flow as it needs to.


Preparing the Body through Diet & Lifestyle Changes

Another aspect that one must prepare in order to walk the spiritual path is the health and fitness of the physical body. The state of one’s body will begin to naturally and gradually change as one refines the emotional and mental layers of one’s being. Various health problems may simply disappear as one starts to dissolve and dismantle the multifarious distorted emotional programs within self.

Yet as a preparation for starting the Yogic path one should start to live and gradually build a healthy and balanced lifestyle. If one has obvious issues with unhealthy and poisonous food consumption, lack of exercise and other health problems that could be changed with simple lifestyle changes, then one should make these changes immediately. Also if one drinks alcohol, smokes, takes drugs or compulsively over-eats then one should seek to curb these tendencies as an initial preparation for the complete bodily transformation and rejuvenation that is part and parcel of the Siddha Kundalini Yoga path.

If the body is young and healthy it will be easier to integrate the subtler energies from the multidimensional being into the physical form. Rejuvenation to some degree and restoration of health is possible for all who truly step on the path, but there are certain levels of bodily transformation that may be barred from one if the body is already too badly damaged or aged. Therefore it is best to waste no time in preparing the body to be a fit and supple vehicle for Yoga.

Besides food, one should all look into all the aspects of one’s lifestyle and see what changes can be made to bring about a greater sense of health, peace, simplicity and vitality. If one spends excessive time on electronic devices or watching TV then one should perhaps swap this for a regular quiet walk in nature. Walking serves the dual purpose of being a meditative exercise (one can observe one’s mind or breath while walking) and a great way to move the body and stay fit.

Also one should pay attention to one’s personal and social surroundings. One should keep their living space clean and treat cleaning as a spiritual practice in itself. One’s living space is often a reflection of one’s mind. So if the mind is polluted then the living space may also follow suit. It is also key to pay attention to the people that one surrounds oneself with. If it is clear that there are people in one’s space that have a negative, draining or destructive influence in one’s life then one should begin to draw a boundary, distance self or seek a way to improve and transform the relationship into something healthier and more life-nourishing.


Meditation & Transformational Fire

Finally, one should make time every day (for at least for 30 minutes to 1 hour) to sit in silence and try and experience self in a natural way. This does not mean that one is to sit and try to breathe in a certain way or stop the flow of thoughts, but rather one should just sit and be and allow the mind and the body to flow however they need to. The key is to remain aware of all the movements of the mind and body without being unbalanced or overly perturbed by them; one must learn to become an observer of all emotional and thought fluctuations within self. One is not become detached from emotions and thoughts but rather one is to investigate and observe all fluctuations from an equanimous, neutral and content position. This way one learns to manage one’s own inner space and establish self in the unconditional being beyond the arising and subsiding waves of the limited emotional mind.    

The greatest preparation for the Siddha Kundalini Yoga path is not actually something that can be just done or cultivated; it is one’s own sincere desire to evolve and become free from both positive and negatives streams of the limited mind. This desire is actually a kind of burning or fire that constantly pushes one through one’s own limitations and creates a protective barrier around one’s path. If true selfless spiritual evolution always remains the genuine and constant priority and focus in one’s life then then one’s success is guaranteed. If that fire is there then one will automatically prepare self through one’s own transformational will and vision. This genuine will to evolve is the key to connecting to the highest intelligence of the unconditional being and the awakening and transformational power of Kundalini that is activated through Siddha Shaktipat.

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