What Is the Essence of Guru Tattva?

Guru Tattva is the principle by which consciousness refines and liberates itself within its own creation. Guru Tattva manifests fully into one’s life through the presence of a Siddha Master – a true enlightened Guru. Through such a being, the Guru Tattva can flow freely and unobstructed. Thus, the True Master is not a teacher but the living (in the body) expression of the liberating force of consciousness itself.

The expression of Guru Tattva is not just limited to the presence of a Master, rather the Guru Tattva is a constant presence in the life of all beings; it is the teaching force that exists in creation itself. It is the Guru Tattva that illuminates the darkness in the areas where one least expects to find it, because after all, it is only the power of consciousness itself that can reveal and disentangle itself from the elements of its self-projected illusion.

Within this reality exist the dual motions of revealing and concealing. As with any other polarity in this world (light and dark, Yin and Yang), these two things cannot exist independently of one another. When something becomes concealed within self, or when one consciously or unconsciously buries something within self that one does not want to face, it will eventually be revealed. And it is the Guru Tattva which reveals it to one in a way that is most appropriate and constructive for one’s current evolutionary stage.

 Life may seem to deal out some hard lessons, yet everything is fair and one is never a victim of the reality. One is simply made to face through the revealing power of consciousness everything within self that is unrefined. If one had nothing to work on within self then there would be no life here for one on earth. One is here because this an arena where conscious information of a gross/ emotional nature is refined and processed and eventually dissolved and transformed.

To fully accept the function of Guru Tattva in one’s evolution, one must be prepared to face whatever there is to be revealed. That means taking full unconditional responsibility for one’s reality. It is only at the point that one can see the gross/ emotional refinement process through to its successful completion. That is why it is necessary to awaken to the nature of reality before can really begin the refinement process. Because to refine one first has to understand that one is not just a mere limited being trying to deal with one’s ‘issues’, but rather one is the consciousness that is intelligently trying to liberate itself from all inner constraints and distortions that have been accumulated within it. Only from that point of view is one able to take full conscious responsibility for one’s evolution because one sees that there is no one or nothing outside of self to blame or react to.

When one comes to the point where one is to awaken to the nature of the reality and begin the refinement process one will manifest a True Master, a Guru into one’s life.

What is Guru? The creation is intelligent and the creation is of course creative. Everyone can to one degree or another, manifest intelligence and creativity through one’s own being and expression. Yet, when one refines themselves to the degree that they can fully merge their awareness with that of the source, and the collective itself, then one can manifest the creative power of consciousness through self in a way that is almost absolutely (for this realm) unobstructed. The Guru is the one who has fully established themselves in their own equanimous, blissful and empty being and then integrated that being into the body and transformed the body through that being. Such a being becomes a living expression of the Guru Tattva.  

When one meets such a being, the Guru, one will find that one’s evolutionary process accelerates a thousandfold. Instead of being a seemingly vague force that operates through one’s life, in the True Master, the Guru Tattva stands before one and begins to illuminate one’s distortions and misalignments in a direct and unavoidable way. All the means that the creation uses to reveal one to oneself seem to congeal into one singular force in the being and presence of the Guru.

One will only meet the True Guru when the time is right. Until that point, one is to learn to recognise that Guru Tattva is constantly present in one’s life teaching through circumstances, difficulties and obstacles. One is to recognise all these as teachings and signposts that point one towards inner refinement, gradual transformation and conscious evolution in this reality in this space and time.  in

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