Escapism & Evolving Through Everyday Life

Escapism & Evolving Through Everyday Life

Life itself is always providing the answers to one’s spiritual questions and life itself is always showing one the way forward and the way to evolve further. To learn how to really live and flow in life is the true spiritual practice. One is to learn how to disentangle the knots of one’s own sufferings, misperceptions and misalignments through the day-to-day life. One is to do this through navigating between the two poles of unconditional contentment, meditative bliss and equanimity and the knots of tension and suffering and the blockages within self that arise throughout the course of daily life.

In order to refine spiritually one is always to look at the points in one’s life where suffering arises and where the flow of contentment breaks. The science of spirituality is the science of the cultivation and expansion of contentment and bliss which is rooted in purity, simplicity and selflessness. One may first start to cultivate these qualities in a limited way. For instance, one may feel great peace when one interacts with a spiritual master or when one sits down to meditate. This is the beginning and this is an opening. The real work of a spiritual adept is to expand that contentment throughout all the aspects of one’s life and allow it flow into action and dissolve all the impediments within the self to an expression that is open, spontaneous, free and a direct expression of that blissful equanimous being.

Many spiritual seekers take the path of avoidance and spiritual bypassing. One may have a small taste or glimpse of some experience that the mind perceives as being more content or somehow freer. Perhaps one visits some temple or some being, or one experiences a moment of expansion in meditation. The problem is that these experiences or openings are taken for the goal or the path itself. One then becomes like a junkie that constantly tries to chase down the same experiences and one becomes again attached to just another temporary experience within the reality. The science of spiritual refinement is actually a lot more complicated and nuanced and deep than simply ascending up an imaginary ladder of meditative spiritual experience.

If one has a certain experience of bliss or openness in meditation then one must work to expand this experience into a constant one that is integrated with the action. One must observe one’s action through every moment of every day and see where each action arises from and what one’s inner state is throughout each action. One’s inner state will always bear fruit within the action. Even if one experiences a feeling of freedom or inner contentment one may still run into the same bumps constantly in everyday life. These bumps will often arise when one acts out of a place of inner emotional or mental contraction that reflects a part of one’s being that is unrefined. Often this action will then bounce back to one and one will experience some suffering, tension or disharmony. The mistake that a lot make is to run away from or try and avoid these bumps in life. One may try to run away from these bumps into the safe haven of meditation or trance. Then how is one different from a junkie or an addict? One does not need to go anywhere, life shows one through every minute of every day where the areas are to be refined and worked on. These areas are noticed by one’s inner reactions to such experiences and the feeling of a bump or a blockage in the flow of content self-expression. The experiences that make one want to run away or hide or escape or defend are the ones that are the most precious for one’s spiritual evolution, these are the experiences that one is to contemplate on, dig into and and transform.

The science of spirituality is absolutely coextensive with the science of content, creative and responsible everyday living. This means one’s relationships, one’s diet, one’s cleanliness, one’s sexual expression, one’s sense of humour and one’s dance moves. None of these things can be excluded and none of these things are elements to escape from. The self is one, and the self does not discriminate between the various action-appearances within life, it is only the limited mind that makes such discriminations. The self is all embracing and the science of realising and enlightening one’s individual self is the science of embracing all elements within self and gradually refining these elements and anchoring them within the deeper perception of the self – the ultimate unconditional self-being.

The true spiritual path is always through the world and through one’s given experience and circumstances. One does need to go and find one’s path, because the path is already given and has always been given. When one is born and for every subsequent moment one is presented with the path. Evolution goes on constantly at different speeds and different cycles depending on the nature of one’s individual consciousness. One refines self by withdrawing one’s conscious power from the loops of action that stem from the tendencies and impressions latent and manifest within the individual self. The conscious power invested into these loops serves to hold them as knots within consciousness. When the creative power is withdrawn, when one let’s go, then these knots undo and the power of consciousness rests freely in itself as the action also falls into a more natural rhythm.

Ultimately, one’s evolution is determined by one’s purity which translates into an ability to be honest to self and see one’s own weaknesses and stumbling blocks clearly and to face them with courage. This is the key and the root to the process of refining self and evolving through daily life.

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