What Is the Purpose of Suffering & Inner Pain?

What Is the Purpose of Suffering & Inner Pain

What is suffering and what is contentment and bliss? These are interpretations of a state of being from one moment to the next. These interpretations are created when the mind maintains itself in a specific mode for a certain period of time: ‘I have been suffering, or I’m feeling happy.’ The idea of these states are created when the mind maintains a specific pattern for a certain period of time. In the moment of now there is no suffering and no happiness.

The more the mind is fragmented and complex and conflicted within itself then the more there will be the perception of suffering or inner pain. When the mind is whole and one pointed then there arises a natural bliss and contentment within the being.

The perception of suffering or inner pain is the creation’s way of showing one that there is a deepening fragmentation and fracturing within the being. There is no purpose to this suffering, it is a natural movement of the manifest creation into greater levels of complexity and fragmentation until it gradually begins to turn back on itself towards wholeness.

The feeling of suffering or contentment is not determined by the actual situation but rather by the mind’s interpretation and perception of that situation. For instance, one may be in a relatively good position in life with every possible advantage and benefit yet one may still suffer if the mind creates a false and corrupt interpretation of that reality. On the other hand, another individual may be in an objectively bad situation in life, they maybe  shovelling faeces at the side of a dirt road in the rain, but if the mind is whole, one pointed and centred in the now then there will be a natural contentment.

It is possible to observe that whatever tasks one is engaged in, whether it is something that is supposedly fun or that is supposedly tedious, if one does it with absolute attention and one is within that task with 100% of one’s awareness then one will surely perceive naturally contentment and bliss. Because even if the body is active, if the mind is still then the individual being rests and recharges. That is why Siddhas stop the aging process, because they are always at rest and thus even if active 24 hours a day, never drain themselves.

It is also important to observe that when one may be engaging in an activity that is supposed to be unparalleled in terms of fun and pleasure – if one engages in this activity with a mind that is scattered, worried, anxious or disengaged and unaware then one will find no joy in such activity.

Humans have created a false idea of x equals suffering and x equals contentment: ‘If I get this or achieve that I will be happy. If this happens or I lose that I will be sad.’ These are false and corrupt notions that contain a seed of eternal suffering within because they are based on ignorance. Ignorance is suffering. True unconditional contentment stands beyond any situation or circumstance. One lives and operates through that contentment. One does not suffer because one’s life is or isn’t a certain way, one suffers because one’s conscious power is constantly scattered and drained. Suffering and pain is the feeling of the power of consciousness being drained, scattered, dissipated and depleted. It is death.

It is never certain when suffering stops, there is not a set level of experience that one needs to accumulate in order for the mind to turn back on it itself and begin to see the simplicity of the being.  Within each being there is a certain engine of ignorance that needs to exhaust itself slowly. A train does not come to an absolute halt immediately, it has to gradually slow down. It is the same case with the individual evolution of consciousness; it has to go through a process of veiling and degradation, reach its peak and then begin to unravel again towards simplicity and wholeness. This is the process of the evolution of consciousness.

There is no purpose to suffering. It is not there to teach anyone a lesson or act as any kind of punishment. Suffering is itself the condition of ignorance. When the consciousness becomes overwhelmed with its ignorance, when the experience becomes that intense it is possible for there to be a breakthrough and a turning within. But not every being gets tired of suffering at the same rate. This is because the consciousness on some level wants that experience. On the deepest level all suffering and inner pain is willed forth by the being itself, it is not an accident or a mistake. This is obvious when certain individuals may be introduced to a certain opening towards contentment but again choose to turn back into patterns of suffering and self-destruction. This is not a tragedy, it is because the individual consciousness still wants to experience and exhaust certain experiences. For other more mature consciousnesses these experiences become empty and unnecessary – they exhaust their evolutionary meaning. Thus the consciousness starts to draw itself back within.

So how does one overcome suffering? One must become whole within. No matter what one does, whether one meditates in silence, cooks, cleans, spends time with others, or endures certain unpleasant experiences, one must do it through wholeness and one must face things directly. This is the process of spiritual refinement which is coextensive with the training of the natural attention the consciousness itself.

Contentment is wholeness, stillness, neutrality and a straightforward a non-conflicted state of being and expression. Suffering is inner conflict, fragmentation of self and the inability to be present and accept life as it is. Contentment is unconditional. Suffering is conditional, and if one pursues a happiness that is unconditional out of a fear of suffering or a lust for pleasure then one only buries self further in the patterns that leads to suffering. To come out of it one must perceive the contentment that is here and notice how suffering is always an interpretation and never the Reality.

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