Layers of Self-Refinement & Discovering Higher Mind

Layers of Self-Refinement & Discovering Higher Mind

The human being is composed of many different layers. Most are only aware of the gross, emotional and mental layers of the human being. The different layers of the being exist on a spectrum from gross to subtle. In order to refine the grosser layers one must employ the subtler layers.

If one wants to refine one’s body by, let’s say, starting a new exercise regime, changing diet or doing a detox/ cleanse, then one has to use the mind to do this. One has to think about what one wants to do (what kind of exercise one needs or what is the most appropriate diet for one’s individual constitution) and then one has to put it into action. Therefore, in order to truly refine the grosser body, one has to use the subtler mind.

When it comes to spirituality, one’s main task is to discover the layers of one’s being that exist beyond the gross, emotional and mental layers. One can then use those deeper layers of one’s being to refine the grosser levels.

In order then to refine the emotional layer of one’s being, one must use the mental layer. The mental layer of one’s being is composed of one’s non-emotional and non-personal thought forms. For instance, when one does mathematics, science or tries to solve problems or philosophically contemplate, then one is exercising the purely mental layer of one’s being. This layer of one’s being is where real wisdom comes from. In Sanskrit it is called buddhi or as one may say ‘higher mind’. All real spiritual knowledge is transmitted from a deeper layer of self-being beyond words to the buddhi in order to be verbalised and conceptualised for human understanding. That’s why the more one refines the lower emotional mind, the more one automatically begins to access self-born spiritual knowledge and wisdom. When the power of consciousness is not drained through constant inner emotional dramas then the buddhi comes alive and begins to operate with and vibrate real self-born spiritual knowledge.

The mental layer of one’s being is entirely unemotional at its core and when it is not polluted by the lower unrefined emotional mind it operates as a tool to interact intellectually with the reality that is perceived from a neutral and equanimous standpoint. All real science is founded on the functioning of this higher mind. The scientific and philosophical method were supposed to be  developed in a way that is objective, impartial  and free from all possible individual emotional or thinking bias. Therefore, when it comes to the process of emotional refinement, one must learn how to step out of the emotional mind into the purely mental mind. In this case, instead of becoming sunk and engulfed by the flood of emotions, one must observe these emotions like a scientist observing his subject. The first step to become a true Siddha Adept and a spiritual scientist is to learn how the emotional layer of one’s being operates.

One must study the emotional layer from a very deep perspective. In order to do this one must use pain, suffering and stagnation as one’s own internal radar for perceiving where the issues are within the emotional layer of one’s being. One must simply look into which area one suffers and struggles in continuously. Then using one’s awareness, one is to go into that area and find all the associated thought and emotional forms that are associated with it and then see from where they have originated. There will always be something from the past that is present within it. One is then to go in and pick it apart and see clearly where one perceived self as a victim, where one felt inferior, where one tried to control, where one tried to escape. One must look at this honestly and one must accept that wherever there is pain, suffering, struggle and stagnation in life, then there is an issue within self that must be worked with and dissolved. There is nothing outside that needs to change, rather there is a nest of inner emotional information that needs to be worked through, untangled and refined. And from that perspective the real outer change may come as an expression of the more refined inner state.

To be emotionally refined, does not mean to be emotionally stiff or inexpressive or like a stone, neither does it mean to have an attitude of forced calm or peace. Rather such emotionally numbness and rigidity is a result of a totally unrefined and suppressed emotional state. The emotionally refined being is absolutely free in emotional expression yet internally free. There is emotionally expression but there is not inner emotional stewing and the perpetuation of life dramas through constant thought or mental activity. The emotional body then is without weight and simply another avenue for the energies of the subtler layers to be expressed.

At the same time as one refines the emotional layer of self, one will also begin to see how the gross body is just a reflection of the emotional body. Thus through the power of the higher mind one is able to deconstruct one’s own manifestation on the emotional and gross layers. This is the key to real healing and seeing how pathology is really generated in the body from the distorted and corrupt workings of the emotional mind and the limited, complex and obscure sense of self. 

The best way to activate the power of the higher mind is to cultivate stillness, simplicity, acceptance and inner emotional neutrality and equanimity. When one cultivates stillness through absorption, conscious quieting of the mind and relaxation of the body then the higher mind naturally activates and one will begin to have direct insight both into the nature of the reality and into the nature of one’s own personal emotional and deeper karmic construction

When the emotions are refined, one becomes a walking temple that emanates wisdom, yet is still emotionally expressive. The difference is that one is not bound to certain emotional constraints from the inside. The emotions become tools to express self and to enjoy and explore the reality to the fullest. In order to refine something, one must first step beyond it and observe. In the practice of Siddha Kundalini Yoga one must become an Adept in this science of stepping beyond binding layers of self to observe, study and eventually dissolve, transcend or integrate those aspects into the wholeness of the multidimensional self.

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