Essence of Spiritual Transmission & Transformation

Essence of Spiritual Transmission & Transformation

Why is a Spiritual Master’s every act or deed a transmission in of itself? Because everything is done through that powerful potent highly concentrated awareness. It is that absorbed state flowing outward through action. Because the emotional and mental levels are refined the natural spontaneous action of the being finds no obstruction through the corrupt patterns of conditioned behaviour. This means that every act is both a direct impulse from the source and thus a transmission of the essence of that source. The action of most beings has to first flow through the channels of corrupt and distorted tendencies or grooves within the consciousness, thus there is no transmission. So even if one is able to touch on a blissful absorbed state in meditation, if one does not act through that state and carry the transmission of that state throughout every action in life then there is more refinement to be done. One is to ask what prevents one from carrying this state into action. In what circumstances is one pushed to act from a shallower and more fragmented level of being? To be absorbed within the natural being is to connect to a deeper level of spiritual radiation within self. One is to use that radiation to dissolve all of the impediments that exist to the total and full flowing expression and transmission of that being within this given reality.

A transmission occurs when a certain fullness and one pointedness of awareness stands behind a certain action or intent. Thus when one becomes whole and centred within the natural being within then one also becomes naturally transmissive through every action.

Even in mundane terms everything has a certain transmission. If one gives a gift from the heart with a deep and true desire that you would like to give this to another person selflessly then there will be a certain feeling and a certain transmission present within that act of giving. If on the other hand one gives something with many different motives or even doubts about whether the person will like it, whether it is suitable or if it is appropriate then the power of the act is lost in between the impulse and the action.

Anything that intelligent human beings have considered great: a certain beautiful piece of music or artwork, a poem, a physics defying sporting achievement or ground breaking scientific discovery. All these things are transmissions of some kind. All the things that people have traditionally called great or genius have occurred through the power of a one pointed and concentrated awareness. However these things still exist in the realm of manifest creation and only are able to bring the intensity of the experience of this creation to a certain aesthetic peak or an ecstatic experience. Through such experience when one may get a certain intimation of the natural being as the mind is quieted through the display of the sheer power of creation that is expressed through a being’s one pointed concentrated and awareness upon one thing. But these moments can never ultimately take one beyond self. And that is why the ultimate transmission is a transmission of the natural being itself and this transmission can only take place when that awareness is withdrawn from creation and subsides within itself.

The withdrawal of the power of consciousness from the creation, or the power of consciousness becoming absolutely one pointed within it’s own apperception is the root and essence of spiritual transmission. When a human being is able to experience this state of withdrawal into the natural being and is able to integrate that experience into the body and refine through that experience then that being becomes a Yogi. Such a being then exists on the earth as a kind of black hole or powerful source of spiritual radiation. Such beings appear to be in the body like any other but their consciousness is anchored and dwells on a completely different dimension. For instance, picture three objects bobbing on the top of a lake or body of water. From above one is only able to see the top of that object bobbing on the water and the part of that object that remains below is not seen. Now whereas one of these objects may be floating just below the water, another object may be submerged right to the bottom of the lake. But from above both are perceived as just sitting on top of the water. Such is a Yogi in this world, they appear outwardly the same, but within they are established on a different level of reality and they have ascended along an axis of perception that most of the beings are completely unaware of.

Thus, when such a being operates and acts in this world/dimension they bring the transmission of those other dimensions that they are also simultaneously aware of. So when one comes into the presence of a highly evolved spiritual being one is also coming into the presence of a different dimension of existence. It is a dimension of existence that everyone has access to because it is the root of the reality itself. But when one meets a being who has established themselves in that root then there is as if a recognition and reconnection with that root that echoes through the individual mind. Such a vibration hits the limited and unrefined body/mind like a tidal wave and causes within it an upheaval and a realignment that may lead to that being stepping on the path where they may begin to refine themselves and integrate into that natural wholesome being.

When one starts to advance on the path one also begins to notice that the transmission of that being is not only without in the form of the teacher, but also within as one’s natural being that one has reconnected to. The transmission of that natural being into the individual self usually manifests through the experience of contentment, the presence of the inner sound and a self-born spiritual knowledge that allows one to detangle the illusion within self and see the manifest creation for what it truly is. When one connects deeper and deeper to a real spiritual guide or master then one also connects deeper to the natural being. It is a simultaneous process that culminates in a realisation of the guide as the fully integrated into world radiant form of the natural being itself. And it is at that point that one begins the process of merging into the guide and establishing self in the natural space-like blissful empty being of self.

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