Transforming the Will & Merging With Siddha Being

Transforming the Will & Merging With Siddha Being

On this path one is forced to deepen one’s contentment through troubles, through obstacles and through the sometimes unbearable sight of one’s own inner darkness that has been hidden inside and merely reflected outwards onto the manifestation for perhaps thousands of incarnations. There is a contentment and a freedom beyond anything that appears in this world. One is to search for something that is one’s very essence.

There is a notion that one has to be desireless to become enlightened. On one level one is to be without desires, but in fact it is the nature of desire itself that has to be transformed and purified. Outwardly one may go for this and that, just as an animal goes for type of food and not another or the tree bends towards the Sun. This is a will but it is the will of the natural world. Thus if one is to be really free within then one must only desire on this level, one’s will must be one with that natural world. Can then such a being do wrong things?

Though one may look to be engaged in the world and though one may appear to be after this or that or one may create something or defend something, these things have to be done through a natural weightless and uncorrupted will. The actions of such a being are pure and selfless and without the seed of entanglement that binds beings more and more to a corrupt and complex and obscure perception of the natural reality.

Beyond the outward actions there has to be a space of absolute inner freedom and contentment. It has to be completely free and unconditional. This contentment and bliss has to be unmovable. It is not a case of ‘as long as I at least have this’ or ‘as long I am fed correctly, or my relationship is well or my children do what I tell them and I am content.’ No, this contentment stands beyond everything, it is an unmovable and impenetrable diamond condition of the ultimate space-like empty being.

This contentment that is beyond anything is the seed of one’s light body. It is this seed that one is to eventually mature into bliss. This contentment is the diamond blade that one is to use to carve up and destroy the seemingly endless veils of illusion that have been accumulated over many incarnations. This contentment is also one with wisdom, self-born knowledge and true spiritual power.

But this contentment is built through challenge and obstacle and struggle. If one is really on this path then one is tested. The process seems to unfold like this: One feels content and still within. Then the reality manifests something through some life scenario or circumstance that triggers one to come out of that contentment and disperse one’s awareness into the mind – into victimisation, self-pity, storytelling etc. The question that reality is asking one at this moment is this: Can your contentment bare this situation? How strong and immovable is your establishment in stillness? With time situations manifest that pull out deeper and thicker roots of the distorted and corrupt tendencies from within self. These tendencies will be reflected back to one through life scenarios. One is faced with the decision to flow along this well-trodden groove of corrupt behaviour or to stand strong in one’s natural awareness and let that wave arise and subside naturally and to remain content throughout.  

This contentment or equanimity is like a muscle that one has to strengthen. With time it seems that the muscle gets stronger as a greater and greater weight is applied to which the muscle must bear and not collapse. Eventually this muscle becomes strong enough to master this given manifested reality. One’s inner blissful awareness is never moved or dragged outside and one’s power always remains collected inside. One flows in life through a natural selfless will that is spontaneous – it doesn’t flow through any predetermined patterns of ‘enlightened behaviour’. This will is pure and it carries with it the transmission of that natural reality. Thus, anyone who is within the space of a being acting through this will constantly be reflected and triggered as that natural action will point to the gap between the corrupt will and the conscious and the natural, unconditional and content one.

To be in the company of a highly evolved being is like being in the company of that living diamond-like pure, unconditional and selfless awareness of the natural being manifested into the creation. But, also if one is a sincere student then one will also be growing this awareness within self. Thus the true Guru/Disciple relationships unfolds as the perception of Siddha Being grows inside in a seed form as one’s own enlightened awareness and outside in the form of the connection with the Master. Between these two sides lay the sum total of one’s corrupt and distorted tendencies. Thus the path is a matter of burning these tendencies between the radiation of the inner and outer sources of Siddha Being. As one advances and one develops this seed of Siddha Being within self then one will merge more and more with the Master until one matures and one merges fully into the Master’s consciousness and the Siddha Being. Then one’s consciousness is fully connected to that space of the Siddha realm and one continues one’s own evolution and learning through that condition.

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