Introduction to SKY – Part 2: Awakening

Introduction to SKY - Part 2 Awakening

In this day and age the term ‘awakening’ or ‘spiritual awakening’ is thrown around haphazardly. It seems that many people are ‘awakening’, having symptoms of ‘awakening’ or proceeding from this stage to that stage of awakening. But what really is awakening in Siddha Kundalini Yoga

Awakening is the moment when one perceives one’s own natural being to the degree that one can never unperceive that again and to the degree that one can begin the process of dissolving whatever veils have been superimposed on that being. The real awakening occurs when the entire axis of one’s being is fundamentally shifted and one actually discovers a different axis of the experience of reality as a whole. However, the awakening is only the beginning. It is a pinprick of light poking through a sea of murky darkness. And for one moment one’s perception is fixed on this pinprick of light, as this pinprick of light. But that doesn’t mean that one will continue to perceive the reality from that perspective. It is most likely that one will slip back into the old habitual ways of perception and behaviour stemming from that perception. But if the awakening was true, then it can never be forgotten, and that point of light will remain there as focus point within one’s awareness that one may use to refine self through dissolving one’s accumulation of conditional karmic information.

If enlightenment is the process by which one transforms all the levels of one’s beings through the perception of one’s inherent and primordial light-space nature, then awakening is the moment when one catches a glimpses of that light. It is the very, very beginning, without which there can be no beginning and no real deep spiritual refinement.

There is in fact no such thing as an awakened individual or an awakened ego. There is no individual and no ego that can awake. One awakes to the fact that the perception of a conditional individuality (the collective perceptions and objects within one’s awareness which seems to be specific and localised) is just a wave that arises in one’s actual space of being. By no means does this mean that one is no-one or that one is everything, rather one is everything, nothing and something all at the same time. And to integrate the totality of one’s multidimensional and transcendental identity into a lived human expression is the true art of Yoga in this specific current time/space continuum.

So how does one awaken and how does on continue to awaken? In order to awaken one’s perception must begin to be drawn inwards away from the mere appearance of the world into an apperception of own being. This movement of awareness turning backwards to perceive itself beyond any manifestation is also the movement towards unconditional inner contentment and bliss. The withdrawal of the power of consciousness from its mirage-like dispersion into creation is always concomitant with the experience of bliss that’s comes from a deeper dimension but also comes to penetrate the body throughout every cell.

In order for this process of withdrawal to occur then there has to be some level of exhaustion within self which is caused by the dispersion of the consciousness outwards. This moment is often seen as an existential crisis, or the feeling that something is utterly wrong with one’s perception. One may feel that one has lived many years, experienced and achieved many things, and yet one has not taken a single step forward. One begins to see that a life lived through a belief in the solidity of the apparent world as a thing in itself, and one own thoughts, emotions and inner wishes, dreams and dramas as the sum total of life itself, is circle of suffering – a matrix of illusion that one cannot escape – a constant projection of horizons that are never reached. In short, one becomes disillusioned with one’s reality. In order for the awakening to occur one must first experience an exhaustion to some degree with the way one is currently perceiving one’s reality and then a kind of disillusionment to follow that. It this way that awareness begins to peel itself back from its projection and may for a moment glimpse itself free of that projection – that is the initial awakening.

The true awakening is a boon from awareness to itself. It is given when there is a sincere desire to awake. And that sincere desire in none other than the disillusionment with the current perception of the reality. In one way, one may come to perceive one’s current experience of the reality with such a degree of suspicion that for a moment one is actually put beyond that perception. It this is desire to cut through falsehood which brings the awakening, sustains the awakening and deepens the awakening. It is an attitude of addressing the currently perceived reality with a questioning attitude of ‘is this true?’ or ‘what is the nature of perception?’ or ‘if follow this train of thought then to where is my consciousness led?’ This type of contemplation brings about the awakening and sustains and deepens the awakening.

In practical terms the awakening may occur spontaneously through one’s own consciousness, or it may come as the result of association with a more refined being or spiritual guide or Master. In the latter case, one’s embodied consciousness simply requires the proximity of that being to ‘push it over the edge’ of its current perception into the awakening. It is not a case of ‘if one’s never meets a master then one will never awake’, because it is the same intelligence of consciousness that functions through one’s own inner primordial spacious awareness and the grace that flows through the Master’s presence which may provoke the initial awakening. Awakening through the presence of the master may also occur as a part of an initiation. But with or without that presence, the awakening is always an initiation from one’s consciousness to itself through the body and one should never fail to grasp such an opportunity and dive into the process of true spiritual refinement, absorption and integration.  

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