The Fruit of Self-Realisation – What Is Selfless Action?

The Fruit of Self-Realisation - What Is Self Action

True spirituality is never of an escapist nature. Real spiritual realisation always precipitates a transformation of action and an ongoing shift in one’s relationship with the world, with one’s perception of self and other, self and world. 

The idea of ‘looking within’ or ‘discovering peace inside’ or other similar notions are a lot more subtle than today’s corrupt spiritual marketplace often gives them credit for. Spiritual inwardness is not literally to do with a withdrawal from the outside world or real life. Because the realisation of the natural being occurs simultaneously with the happenings of this life, yet at the same time it is of a completely different dimension. For instance, let’s say one has just two simple dimensions: up/down and across. Just because one travels up does not mean that one can no longer go across or from side to side. So it is with spiritual reality. Spiritual inwardness and the realisation of the unconditional being does not occur within the dimension of experiential phenomena. It is beyond that and the same time present within it. So within this dimension there is no action that is more or less spiritual in of itself. Spirituality comes from the establishment in a deeper and more wholesome perception of the being. This perception then echoes into the action of the one who is established in it. The realm of action and doing is naturally transformed as one’s inner perception stabilises around a core of unconditional selfless being. And so the action comes to reflect that unconditional and selfless nature.

What is real selflessness in action? Real selflessness means that one is empty of the sticky individual patterns and grooves that individual human existence usually cycles through. It means that the consciousness no longer holds at the centre the nest of myriad conditioned thought forms that create the illusion of an individual self-consciousness. This individual self-consciousness is constructed from waves that are often based on fear and are then presumed to form a solid identity. Through the process of refinement one gradually dissolves the perception of this individual contracted being through the practice of absorption into the unconditional being. The more one is absorbed the more one is able to gradually poke holes in this nest and make this seemingly heavy dense perception of limited individuality lighter, flexible and more content. The more one lets go of these individual patterns and begins to flow through life through unconditional contentment, the more one’s action becomes selfless. That is not to say that immediately one will start creating orphanages and campaigns to ‘save’ the world and the environment. These are all corrupt notions of selflessless that are based on limited human notions of what compassion is. True selflessness is only possible through absolute contentment and establishment in the natural being. Pity and righteousness do not produce selfless action, they produce corrupt action that eventually breeds more corruption. Selfless action is spontaneous, out the box and beyond any human logic or morale. There is no pattern or predictability to selfless action. It is a pure uncalucated expression of the natural being flowing into this creation. Such action is absolutely free and fearless, within it there is no seed of desire for self-gain, preservation, improvement or anything like that because the action is not based on any notion in this reality. It comes from beyond, and thus it naturally transforms everything around.

Selfless action is naturally iconoclastic, it destroys false icons, illusion and exposes hypocrisy all around. When action based on hypocrisy, narcissism and ignorance is reflected through the presence of a selfless being then it is exposed and illuminated for what it is. Such a presence is a burning light that blazes through and tears apart illusion. The purpose of meeting a true preceptor or master is to step into that presence and to see what it shows to one. It can be a painful process, because in the company of such a presence the grip of the old corrupt patterns begin to break apart and all of one’s survival programs based on fear begin to tear apart. One may feel adrift and like there is no solid point to stand on. But in this reality there is never any solid place to stand. One has to learn to float and surf in the sky of empty unconditional being that is beyond description. 

When one is content then one’s presence in the world is selfless because one is not relying on anything within the world to fuel one’s contentment, to assuage one’s fear or to prop one’s ego up. One becomes a beacon of the natural being because one’s presence points others past conditional reality. True spiritual realisation is actualised in this realm through selfless and spontaneous action. Without that, if one’s actions and one’s movements in life still cycle around the grooves of self-fulfillment, self-protection and self-aggrandisement then one’s realisation is not yet profound and naturally one will still feel the knot of contraction within one’s being. And however much one try to run, hide and fabricate and build a life that ‘supports peaceful living’,  life will continue to throw situations into one’s face that trigger one’s issues to come to surface and be resolved.

The truly spiritual and selfless being cannot be spotted. They are hidden. And from the point of genuine realisation their lives are molded through a selfless action that is mainly invisible. It is not what they do, but how they do it; not what they say, but how they say it. Such beings are rare and almost impossible to meet in this day and age. And in order to recognise them one must already have that seed of selflessness within.

One should look at one’s action through every moment and every minute of life and see where it is coming from. Each action should be investigated – ‘What is the root of this action? What is the intention?’. One should become vigilant and sensitive to all waves that arise within one’s space. Self has to be seen from moment to moment. When self is truly seen and observed and not just blindly experienced in an ignorant stupor then one refines and the practice becomes alive and true selfless action begins to become a reality in every moment.

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