Is Spiritual Awakening an Achievement?

Is Spiritual Awakening an Achievement?

True spirituality is not about worldly achievements or approvals by other worldly beings or any worldly comprehension of success. True spirituality is beyond mundanity and is very subtle, so subtle that it can hardly be grasped by people who perceive themselves on the gross level only. Awakening means one awakes to the subtle perception and comprehension of self and the existence. How rare is that? –  Very rare at this day and age. When we approach true subtle teaching we are to be mature and clearly see through the falsehood at least on a certain level, so that we can tell the weeds from the wheat. If that is not there, one keeps on walking in circles and gliding along the surface, being attracted to names, forms and tags. True spirituality is beyond that and thus has no target group. So far, at this day and age, one can go only as far as to refine self-perception and touch upon the subtle being or Reality. It is a very long and tedious process without tags and rewards. Truth cannot be tagged or verbally comprehended, it can only be experienced as a being and not as a temporary experience. Once it is there, one naturally falls away from any desires to pursue titles, tags and conceptual/dry intellectual knowledge, since one has discovered the fountain of knowledge within self, and this knowledge along with the process of self-refinement perfects one’s being, one’s form and one’s understanding of reality and the illusion and the way the illusion sprouts out of the Reality and how it is propelled by an individual and the collective consciousness. Such knowledge is so profound and vast and yet so humble, that it strips one off any titles and achievement. It makes one realise that one is beyond this little man-made illusory reality, and who wants to be a spiritual clown, a leader and an achiever in it anyways? Falsehood is everywhere, but if one realises falsehood within one will be able to see it and recognise it without. This way falsehood shows the way to the Ultimate Reality and existence beyond gross-emotional reality or man-made reality. True spirituality is about Immortality. On a true path, one is either dead or one is Immortal. And who cares about the tags and schools and conceptual BS? Ambitious fools and ignorant beings. And such are the majority. That is why, mainstream spirituality answers their demands and ambitions. And meanwhile, the Truth remains concealed and self-protected. One realises this Truth or Reality only through inner purity. Inner purity and selflessness means one realises the nature of things and one’s mind dwells within, it is a natural mind – being, such mind realises the nature of things and no longer clings or attaches to ideas, concepts, etc. It experiences without clinging. Such a mind is ripe and has laid a foundation for the true knowledge to unfold within. True knowledge and subtle refinement along with the Grace that is driven by nothing else than the inner purity and selflessness leads one eventually in one lifetime or many to the realisation of one’s immortal being and beyond.

True spirituality is not about demagogy, healing or taking pride in retelling someone else’s knowledge.  True spirituality starts with the transmission and touches only those who are able to perceive it due to their purity, simplicity and selflessness. Only when that is the actual motive (simplicity, selflessness and being), one is able to come across, recognise and pursue the true spiritual path.

There are no Yoga schools in this day and age and there is no certification for Yoga. Yoga cannot be comprehended from any limited, linear or intellectual perspective. Yoga is not an experience, but rather the foundation of every experience when one recognises and perceives the natural being in an absolutely unconditioned way.

How can there be a training to be what one really is? Yoga, Meditation Samadhi, are synonyms, it is simply a return to the natural being – absorption – equanimity, but not an achievement, through that one is to spend a great deal of time being aware and refining self, laying the foundation for the subtler comprehension of reality. There is only sincerity, self-honesty and a no-BS approach that allows one to gradually cut through and dissolve all temporal thought and emotion-based illusions within self. One is first to perceive and awake to the unconditional self and from that point may begin to awake to the veils of misperception and misapprehension of the reality (that usually manifest into daily life through clusters or ‘knots’ of thought/emotional based programs which leads to the constant sense of discontentment, searching, escapism, victimisation, comparison and narcissism etc…).

As much as most spiritual seekers say that they want the Truth, when it comes down to it, the gravity of well-trodden mental and emotional grooves usually leads seekers in circles of pseudo-spiritual behaviour that never really gets one off the ground of the manifold sticky inner conditionings mentioned above.

One has to value nothingness over everything. And that doesn’t mean that one doesn’t live in the world. But it means that inwardly one is free and one has severed the ties between the subtle body (this includes the thinking-emotional mind as we know it) and this realm of gross-emotional reality. And this is the first step towards Yoga. One sets on the path not to learn, to qualify, achieve or attain any certification, but rather to return to one’s natural being and in order to refine the gross-emotional aspects of self (at least it is the level we are talking about at this day and age). Yoga is contentment and equanimity that does not depend on anything that appears/ manifests on any level. It is the restored awoken awareness about the multidimensionality of one’s being. And that is the way to start.

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