What Is the Difference Between Spirituality & Magic?

What Is the Difference between Spirituality & Magic?

The difference between spirituality and magic is that spirituality is about connecting to the unconditional essence of the existence and refining and dissolving one’s subtle body connection to this realm that operates through fears, desires, attachments, distorted emotional programs, whereas magic is about altering something in this realm and thus only deepening one’s attachment and bondage further. Thus, spirituality and magic are poles apart. The desire to operate through magical means is based on the very tendencies that spirituality works to refine. In this day and age there has been a huge mix up between these two very different things. The word spirituality has become tied up with a mass of pseudo-spiritual, new age and magical imagery. All of a sudden one can ‘develop spiritually’, ‘create one’s own reality or ‘attract one’s desires through manifestation.’ Spirituality has nothing to with creating, developing or attracting anything. It is about seeing self beyond any notion of wanting to change or get something that is ultimately based on the root of fear, disconnection from self and discontentment.

Discontentment, desire for power and desire for control. These are the root issues that bring people onto magical paths. The root belief of the illusionary unconscious state is that something other than the natural essence of one’s being can be the provider of lasting contentment, and this belief runs through all magic. That is it why it is based on a manipulation of the reality to create a change in one’s life or the lives of others. The real spiritual path is not about changing one’s life, it is about understanding one’s life in every moment and understanding how this life has been built through one’s own inner tendencies and distortions. One then begins to refine self and flow through life in a natural way where change comes but naturally as a result of inner purification and transformation. One begins to build a life that stands on a different foundation than fear and desire for power and control.

Just because something appears beyond the ordinary gross-bodily perception does not mean that it is suddenly anything spiritual or that is a sign of a spiritual achievement or progress. Connecting to the subtle/astral realm is not difficult in itself, but having the mastery to navigate and protect oneself in that realm is a different matter. Most people interact with this realm by making offerings to entities or deities and then getting something in return. This is not mastery, it is a bondage and entanglement that has repercussions beyond those that arise in the course of day to day interpersonal transactions. Anything that is created on a subtler level has a greater tendency to stick. If one takes clay and builds a vase then one can break it in an instant, but if one creates something in the subtler realms then the process of undoing is not so simple.  

True spirituality, on the other hand, is initially the science of undoing and cutting the previously existing subtle cords that brought one into this birth. And even if one has not engaged in magic in this life, for most it is likely that there will be a residue of some debts or cords attached to one’s subtle body from the previously incarnated existence. These may be the result of occult involvement in previous lives, ancestral curses, misuse of spiritual power within the family or a link with occult practitioners and forces that follow one into this life.

Within this consensus reality, the elements of magic, the occult, demonic possession have all been pushed aside as false and phony by the very beings that have relied on it most profoundly to maintain power and control. Where you see apparent worldly power and control there is magic; where you see magic there is the inherent desire for power and control. This is the way it has always been. But through the consensus denial of the occult in the West the knowledge about how to interact with the subtle reality and how to protect self from negative occult influences has been lost. This leaves the vast majority vulnerable to psychic attack, possession and overall negative occult involvement without even being aware of it. The above things which have signs and symptoms of their own have been moved over to category of medical, psychiatric disorders or ‘bad luck’. This entire life is lived in synergy with the subtle realms of the reality, with ancestors, entities and other disembodied subtle forces. And the denial of this fact has made it possible for many beings to be drained and manipulated by that which they do not even acknowledge to exist.

The true spiritual path has been buried even deeper than the subtle reality, and thus when one digs within and finds something that looks like a bright light or a tingling in the spine, then one mistakes it for the spiritual reality. This path is almost invisible in this day and age because in order to perceive it one must have the correct vision which comes through sincerity, purity and selflessness. When one walks that path then it is natural to discover the subtler than gross realm of this reality, but at that point one is already established in an awareness and being beyond that realm, thus one enters into that realm with a degree of protection with one’s own light. However if one forcefully projects themselves into the subtler through magic, ritual or psychedelic drugs then one comes there naked and with no protection or knowledge; one’s comes only with ignorance and spiritual naivety.  To start trying to manipulate the subtler dimensions without having established oneself in unconditional being and without permission or protection one only becomes tangled and engrossed in layers of reality that are even stickier than the gross/physical one.  One can become easily lost in the subtler and thus become absolutely wayward, lost and misdirected in life. Though one may have been bestowed with amazing visions of gods, angels, bright lights, or one may have developed so and so power, ultimately one is left spiritually stranded and further than ever from the true establishment in the space of the natural unconditional light-being.

One enters the spiritual path within self at the point of stillness, contentment and purity. It is not about getting anything or changing anything or seeing anything or experiencing anything; it is about being. And when one becomes established in that being then one begins to flow in life in a new way and one does not need to be special and one does not need to control or have special experiences. When one’s attention and awareness is whole, one-pointed and subsistent within itself then one stands in the pure power, radiance and effulgence of the natural self-being. To this, neither magic, sorcery nor anything else in this world compares.

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